Waseda loses his sense of coach Sahara to V “Rough” in 11 tournaments

Rugby is back at the National Stadium. Waseda defeated Meidai 45-35, making it the 16th university in Japan in 11 tournaments. He slipped in the first half, 31-0, which overturned his competitive advantage, and escaped in the second half, suffering a Meijidai counterattack aiming for the second straight victory.

The early morning finals in the nation are 23 seasons. 57,345 people were impressed by the return of the sacred place and the revived traditional card, and the first king of Reiwa was born. The legend has begun again.

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Waseda's "roughing" resonated in the reborn nation. Part 2 song that can only be sung when you win the university championship. Captain SH Saito and Coach Sagara formed a circle of 127 members and staff, all surrounded by nearly 60,000 spectators. This is the first song in 11 seasons. If the captain, who was raised, said, "I was able to affirm the effort for four years," he said, "I can't sing when I graduated. Waseda has returned to the sacred place.

The first half was 31-0, and in the 9th minute, Saito's PG opened the scoring, and three minutes later the NO8 Maruo made his first national attempt. SO Kishioka aimed at DG for two consecutive times. "Strategy to deprive time and physical strength" further misleads Meidai. 3 consecutive tries. Hiromitsu's father was Morishima, Japan's No. 1 Hooker, and coach Sagara's second son and first grader flanker Masahiko. In the second half, the champion gave the champion five attempts in the previous year, but in the 33rd minute, Mario brought out a scout after scolding and two players fell to 13, and finally the WTB Kuwayama left. The sexes are decided.

Last year, the 100th anniversary of the founding, former captain Sagara was appointed. After graduation, the first voice of a man who promoted Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Sagamihara to the top league as a director was "You are the students, the main characters are students." In the last year, they competed in V for the first time in eight years for independence. This year, I flew three times with my torso raised. "I was really happy to be able to do it in the nation among nearly 60,000 spectators. I was always talking, but I was able to do it with Meiji-san in a variety of meetings and I was able to win. I am happy."

Last year, he lost to the university in the semifinals of the university championship, and this year he was humiliated with a 7-36 win in the all-out battle one month ago. Tackle was reconfirmed in the next 40 days. Saito said, "The defense part is different from the early morning game 40 days ago. The one-on-one tackle was different from the previous one. We increased the tackle practice and set position … We call it" winning positive " But I've been conscious of that. " The first half was sealed.

From one year, he was perfect with Kishioka, a regular 186cm, 98kg CTB Nakano. The battle, in which Nakano was injured and absent, was completely defeated, but the mark returned after returning. One year of culmination. The rebellious Akakuro became Japan's first in Reiwa.

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