Waseda ’s first football game in Japan

American Football All Japan University Championship Final Koshien Bowl will be held on the 15th at Koshien Stadium. Waseda University participated for the sixth time in a row for the second year in a row, and played a third match against Sekigaku University for the second time in a row. The last year of the 28th year is watched by director Hideaki Toriuchi [61]. Waseda Takaoka Masaru [51] is in his third year of office, and in the 86th year of his first career, he will challenge for the first time in Japan.

Director Takaoka was a member of society and played as an OL in Kashima. During the Mikal era, Gue faced Director Toriuchi for the first time with a round debris. “KG is a brand. I have to respect the director and be respected under unbearable pressure,” he says. It becomes the second challenge as a manager who is one of the few managers in the first department, to a general who aims for the 12th victory.

There are 16 schools in the Kanto TOP8 and Kansai leagues that can be found in Koshien, and only two schools, Waseda University and Meiji University, do not have full-time coaches. Waseda has 21 coaches, many of whom work for the company. Most weekend coaches come to the ground. There are difficulties in daily guidance and communication.

Director Takaoka shows his practice on weekdays after work. The company is in Tsukiji, the ground is in Nishi Tokyo City, and the home is in Yokohama. To see this commute, the alumni association has been renting a 2LDK apartment near the ground this year. It became a coach meeting place, and players could come and go and communicate more.

He has been a coach since 2003, but since his former manager resigned, he raised his hand to the 20th manager in 2017. When he missed the third consecutive Kanto victory in the first year, he demanded strictness within the team. If the offense and defense are different, the same number is OK for two people, but this was abolished and the number of people entering the bench was limited to 99. There was priority in 4 years, but this year it was abolished.

Furthermore, it has been divided into verse city [1 army] and junior versity [JV = 2 army], and has been fought for survival. As a result, only seven players started all seven games this season, including kicks in the offense and defense. The DL of 4 people can now be appointed with 6 people, such as rotation. The aim of increasing the thickness of the layer, including the filling of injuries, has come to fruition, and it has also appeared in the results.

After retiring, Takaoka has passed the tryout and has participated in the America's Cup yacht. After that, he taught DB's eldest son Takumi and others at the Fujitsu flag team. QB Shibasaki is also a student and has been connected since then.

Towards a decisive battle, “I still do n’t know how to win. This year, with the top of the top flag, he has steered the team to “win in Kansai with speed”. Aiming for a long-cherished desire.

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