Waste plastic”bad theory”as a word

10 month 31 days of environmental eco・fields, entitled The manuscript submitted. “Discarded plastic garbage River from flows into the sea,marine ecosystem collapse, but not a big problem. Japan also measures rushing all”with the content of the article was. At the same time I said,”the Japanese media,waste plastic problem the plastic straws to symbolically reward the strong sense”, the sense is noted.

【Here】Indonesia is”plastic garbage”measures of the developed countries!?

After waste plastic problems”process entanglement”of information, and even a little pathetic not to fall into the reward also treat.

The former”Yokohama is a wooden support was developed”with coverage. Yokohama is Tokyo of the housing manufacturers[Acura Home] co-developed with wooden straws, the city has. Yamanashi・道志村 of”Doshi water resource forest”taken from the thinned wood raw materials.

The public facilities, such as use for 11 on 1 November from the city of restaurants and hotels towards the center of the stroke and started selling. “Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel”or Chiba Prefecture, at Tokyo Narita Airport is planned to be introduced with.

1 the true price plastic of about 100 times of 50 yen. “Marine waste plastic damage mitigation”as the evaluation value. But occasionally dive into a café with a can of beverage to order, and plastic straws other than I never was. Paper straws popularity of the beverage’s price increases leads to concerns also have from!?

Purpose the purpose is the same, but Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture[10 from Moon]and Toyonaka city, Osaka Prefecture is 11 months starting from the policy:the latter is a grain of”doubt”to remember. City Hall in the vending machine from the”bottled beverage”disconnect by[Sankei Shimbun:12 month 3 day the delivery]yet.

“Wondered why you remember the”of, for example, PET bottle recycling Promotion Association”after 2008, Japan’s PET bottle recycling rate is 85%level. The United States of 20 percent and Europe 30-40% in units compared to Japan is at the highest level in the world. Currently,30 years for recycling of incineration the use of heat at 100%efficient use of the plan for that. Plastic products of the plastic bottles recycling of the top runner. Vending machine selling to leave the movement feeling to remember”on the nod from God.

Also the National Soft Drink Association’s”PET bottle beverage production drinking water a whole accounted for about 75% of that. Vending machine from PET bottle outside customers of their options when making large purchases,sorry”and that comment went along from there. The PET bottle itself is”evil”or not. Recycling enhancement to figure that what’s important is not!

The plastic itself has a variety of advantages. “Light””molding and”that from cars and consumer electronics use.

But the plastic itself is evil never. 10 month 31 days of posts also, I was,ISWA[International Solid Waste Association] in the”marine plastic litter pollution of 75%in China, such as illegal dumping by”and that. International Conference,ISWA perspective about the discussions until now. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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