Watami,all stores in a plastic from bamboo material

Taverns such as food chain stores in Japan and overseas, Boll[OTA, Tokyo]is 24, the pub chain of”Watami””sit・Watami”all stores in plastic straws abolished, and bamboo fiber as the main raw material for bamboo”straws”of the offer to begin with announced. Discarded, even six months from 3 years in the naturally degraded creatures, when swallowed, even as food is digested, which harm the environment and most do not. 6 months from 27 to provide.

【Here】Keikyu group,biodegradable straws the introduction of Mitsubishi Chemical development of the”bio-PBS”

Bamboo of raw material is bamboo fiber, or other plant-derived natural resins, starch, water. Any problem to eat that is not material for the disposal of animals to eat,and like to be digested,toxic substances are accumulated in the body that are not. Or soil in the ocean, even from six months to 3 years in nature to decompose it.

At the time of disposal,dioxin like substances occurs there is no fear for combustible trash as it can handle. Rather, burning calories is 3800 kcal and higher, for fuel use as a also planning to.

“Watami”and”sit・Watami”combined nationwide network of 61 branches from 27, all in plastic straws to the abolition,all the bamboo straws to switch to. Basically, the drink list is one of our points when asked only bamboo straws provide.

Biodegradable, no plastic straws, and marine pollution 1. as one of the global problems, the sea creatures are swallowed that is destroying the ecosystem may be indicated. Because of this, the world plastic straws to discontinue use of restaurants is increasing.

On the other hand, in Japan, it was abandoned bamboo forest management issues and information. Bamboo is the fertility is strong,other trees to drive ecological change, as the roots are shallow,landslides that cause. Or public mosquito outbreaks which is also the cause of that.

So, these 2 issues are solutions of 1 about the company bamboo straws decided to introduce. Raw materials and bamboo is thinning natural stuff using only that.

The company is in the future, other eating out brands chain stores in a sequential, bamboo straws to introduce.

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