Watanabe Comedy No. 1 Judge, Kaji P, Nobuyuki Sakuma

A combination of "AbemaTV @ presents Watanabe Comedy No. 1 Final 2020 Final" to determine the most entertainer out of a total of 212 groups of 115 entertainers from Watanabe Entertainment at a major entertainment office was announced on the 20th.

In the finals, 12 contestants will be divided into three blocks of four each, and the first place in each block will collide in the final battle. In the combination lottery held on that day, Sunshine Ikezaki, my home, new harmonica, and G-Panda were in the A block. A Masso, Linda Collar, Robinsons, Tosa brothers on B block. For the C block, we decided on a combination of talk, gorigo, long long, and 4,000 heads. The final competition will be held on February 17.

In addition, the MC of the final program will be handled by the comedy talent, Fuwa Ryo, and AKB48's Yuki Kashiwagi. Judges are Rinzo Kaji, who works on "Ame Talk, a talk show for the squadron after the rain!" And "London Hearts" on TV Asahi, Nobuyuki Sakuma, who works on "God Tan" etc. on TV Tokyo, and NHK's "Chico-chan scolds!" "And Junya Komatsu, and content producer Masaki Yoshida.

Regardless of the artistic history and reputation, entertainers belonging to Watanabe Entertainment will engage in a spoiler battle with a winning prize of 1 million yen and a special program appearing at AbemaTV's Shibuya public studio “ UDAGAWA BASE ''. It is held as a competition to determine the most entertainers in the office. Last year, Hanako of the comedy trio won the first consecutive title in the history of the tournament, attracting great attention. This time, Hanako will appear at the exhibition.

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