Watanabe Marina, "Easy" to make her own sterile spray

Talent Mari Watanabe [49] introduced how to make a disinfection spray, which has been running out of stock due to the new coronavirus.

Watanabe updated Instagram on the 20th. "Hello, how are you all? Are you swallowed by the uneasy anxiety and the unrestful air? Because I am likely to be swallowed, let's make an original sanitizing spray to refresh. T! "And released his own video.

"I can easily make it using vegetable ethanol, purified water and my favorite aroma. I was surprised to learn from it," said Watanabe. "As a room spray, blow into the room with a swift blow. Spray on a mask and dry it before you apply it, you will be healed by a refreshing scent. The scent has the power to calm your mind and make you feel better." In the hashtag, the material used was "70 ml of vegetable ethanol / 30 ml of purified water / essential oil / laurel / lithosea / black spruce".

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