Watanabe to Waseda University's first V, Yoshimura's early combination "Koshien" rampage

American Football All Japan University Championship Final Koshien Bowl will be held on the 15th at Koshien Stadium.

Waseda University will be the sixth in a row for the second consecutive year, and will win the first victory against Sekigaku University for the third time. There are two offense and defense keymen who have returned to the Holy Land. DB Watanabe Daichi [4 years] and QB Yu Yoshimura [3 years] from Hayami baseball club. Although he lost in the summer Koshien tournament, he changed his ball and is now aiming for the best in Japan.

Watanabe played in the Koshien Bowl for the first time last year. This year, he started 5 games and marked 2 intercepts. In Tohoku War, which is the final game for the representative school of East Japan, the punt block was also decided and a return TD was prepared. I want to rampage again in Koshien in the last year of the student as a main force, not a record.

As early as 3 years, he was a good starter in 9th and started. Koshien in the summer, even after losing the semi-finals, released the finals with two deaths nine times in the second round. Nippon Ham Kiyomiya was a junior from Chofu senior age. As one of the lieutenant generals, he was the witness of the demon sergeant who glanced at the slow running of Kiyomiya.

“This year ’s feelings are completely different. Finally, the starter and the results have come out. He is still in contact with Kiyomiya. He promises to eat when it is off. “Let the professionals have a festive feast,” he laughed.

QB has an absolute ace called Shibasaki, but Yoshimura has been pinpointed this season. In the league game, 12 rans were 34 yards, marking 3 consecutive TDs. In the Tohoku War, it was the longest 59 yards run from the struggle of 3 points difference in the first half. The next play produced the first TD in the second half.

It was an ace from early 2nd year, and in summer 2 the summer Koshien entered the bench. There was no opportunity to climb, and in the summer of 3 years he lost in the quarter-finals of the West Tokyo Games. I tried to aim for the best in Japan that I couldn't do with baseball.

At first, I was confused about pinpointing. “There were so many reliefs that I got used to that feeling,” he says. It's a method to make use of Yoshimura's feet, but “I want to contribute if there is a turn. I want to decide the TD pass once”. I want to win for the first time in Koshien and grab the best in Japan.

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