Watching and thanking Chiemi Hori for recording "I'm impressed by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi"

Chiemi Hori [52], who underwent surgery for oral cancer [tongue cancer] in February last year, spelled out his thoughts on "doing too hard" about his future activities.

Hori updated his blog on the 8th. He reported that he had watched a video recording of the TV Asahi system "Tetsuko's Room" on the previous day, which showed his real voice on TV for the first time after the operation, and said, "I was impressed by Mr. Tetsuko Kuroyanagi who cares during the actual production. Watching, I was filled with gratitude, and Tetsuko's kindness was filled with tears. Thank you very much. "

Regarding future activities, "The appearance of Tokai TV's" Switch! "On this Friday has been decided so far. For the subsequent activities, I will do my best little by little and do my best." "I've learned a lot about the wonderful things that the illness has taught me. I don't lose my busy work, and I always calm down my heart and stay in a normal state …"

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