Waymo to drive self-driving cars in Texas and New Mexico

MoWaymo, an Alphabet company, has begun to move again. The company, which has long focused on the state of Arizona and the Phoenix metropolitan area, announced on January 23 that it will begin driving self-driving cars in Texas and New Mexico.

Waymo Truck

Provided by: Waymo

Post to TwitterWaymo plans to focus its operations in the two states on commercial channels, according to an announcement made at the company. Not only the autonomous "Chrysler Pacifica" but also long-distance trucks will be driven. This will enable the company to explore new transportation solutions.

However, it is unclear what the vehicle will carry and what Chrysler Pacifica will do on commercial routes. We have asked Waymo for comment, but there is no answer at this time. You'll also need to see if there is a possibility to extend the dispatch service Waymo One to these two states. At this time, Waymo One has only a small operation in the Phoenix area and is not generally available.

2019, ahead of the news of this expansion, was a significant year. In October of the same year, Waymo stated that it had begun to drive self-driving cars to pick up passengers without an assistant driver. It's a very obvious sign that you are confident in your technology.

However, there are still major issues. The two states are usually warm and dry, with low precipitation. To make self-driving cars mainstream, Waymo needs to show that it's fine outside warm and dry areas. For example, testing in a snowstorm. It will happen some day, but it is not yet at that stage.

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