We can make it if made to the city, near Station near in the Parking to increase!

A driver’s license to return after an opportunity to ride increases. Lower wane from the”uphill”[somewhat in the gradient of the road]is king. This is the bike to buy and thought.

【Here】Elderly Bicycle use, car use outweigh the car driving skills to anxiety

10 on 17 the date of the Asahi Shimbun digital”behind to business opportunities there Panasonic electric system strengthening”heading in,”Panasonic is 15 billion yen to build a production capacity of up to for””in 2018 Bicycle market size of approximately 730 million units and year-on-year decreased by 3%, whereas the electric system is 6%, an increase of approximately 68 million units,”said.

Near the Bicycle shop found in the”10 million yen or more”to be. My pocket money can’t buy. Asahi articles to the guests of the Minister of Finance to show”the electric[assist] bicycles of the era of. So also in 1 Buy”with the court. But”increasingly the lower body has waned only. The articles also do not of a child [not for]“behind the ride”is popular immediately. You what’s behind on that,”she scoffed It. Monthly our allowance of 1% is the”electric Deposit”for 3 and a half years near that.

Hard, the japonicum say while the bike is moving is a conundrum in this installment we will talk about. Home from the nearest station by Bicycle in about 20 minutes. Moving time is generally during the daytime. The area around the station,”a temporary check in available Bicycle Parking lot”is always full. We’re not on-street Parking, and withdrawal had been. Withdrew to the pickup spot to take a 2000-yen ya levied for. The month of”electric Bicycle Deposit is half the price”in. Wondering when this little fact to know.

Location Machida City, Tokyo. Machida in the Odakyu Line”Machida station”for the first time, and the number of daily passengers is more station, no less. Machida also”abandoned Bicycle”the problem struggling with us. Bicycle share to deploy the service to queue Sofia and agreements. The company’s features,”space””dead space”the use of real estate owners in the proposed record of that.

For example, emergency stairs the space under the building, including the premises 1 Unit・2 units used from the Bicycle to make and so. Monthly・day lend・lease amount of 3 types. Bicycle Parking spaces 1 per vehicle width 50㎝・depth 200㎝,now my feet is also Bicycle Parking available space.

Real estate owner”charges and expenses”is obtained. Smartphone from easy. Payment is by credit card or convenience store payment OK. Eye queue Sofia and Machida for the time being,”Machida””南町田 Grand Berry Park station”in the center a total of 400 units of a new Bicycle Parking lot opened will be.

That flow,my home area is also beginning to expand to. In front of Saitama Resona Bank to afford space for 10 cars, available Bicycle Parking devices is provided. Spread this and pray that. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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