We talked to local residents about the discrimination against Tokyo! Butchi-san in Tochigi Prefecture "I'm worried about the old man I don't know"

"GoTo Travel Campaign" where half the travel price is subsidized. This is a national policy aimed at stimulating domestic tourism demand, which has been chilled by the influence of the new coronavirus, but with the exclusion of Tokyo from that, the word "Tokyo discrimination" is spreading again.

This ward refers to actions to evade the Tokyo people themselves, inspired by the increase in corona cases. Speaking of violently, if it came out that it came from Tokyo, it would not be strange if the house was burned.So I asked local residents about Tokyo discrimination..

・Butch who is returning to Tochigi

We talked to BUTCH, who is called Big Wave. He is a known figure among procession enthusiasts. It is no exaggeration to say that the saying "I had to ride, this big wave" at the time of the iPhone 3G procession, which was the first landing in Japan, impressed the momentum of the iPhone during tea nationwide.

It seems that Mr. Butch is currently returning to his parents' home in Tochigi prefecture.By the way, Mr. Butch's hometown is in the middle of the countryside and the city in Tochigi prefecture...

──In the first place, is it something that Tokyo people find out about??

Butch-san, "It's going to get noticed. It seems that it stands out, and sometimes when I take a walk, I'm sometimes asked, "What are you doing?" I was surprised to know that. Maybe it's a rumor."

──You may have seen the CM that you appeared in..

Butch-san: I told you that my mom was told by her neighbor that she was watching TV. After all, rumors go around.''

──That means it's already boring that Butch is coming back from Tokyo?

Butch "I think everyone in the neighborhood knows"

──That something went wrong?

Butch-san: No, I don't know. I wonder if there's an uncle who doesn't know, "Is Tokyo okay?" However, I've been home for about four months before the declaration of an emergency, so if I answer yes, I'll say "OK." So, in the end, I feel calm, "I'm not working here. It's difficult."

──On the contrary, have you lived for 4 months and saw such a scene when another Tokyo person came??

Mr. Butch: Speaking of which, there are times when a car with a Tokyo number is parked at a convenience store, but at that time it feels a bit like a whiff. That number is… But that's about it.''

──That.. Butchi says, there are many elderly people in the area, and basically they talk about the rainy season and Corona, but the temperature seems to be just a tea drinking story.

In that sense, it is not so different from Tokyo. At least to the extent that Butch-san interacts. "Everyone is anxious"At the end, Butch told me to mutter.

With "power hug"──.

writing:Seiji Nakazawa

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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