Weak positive reaction of new coronavirus is detected in dog


Weak positive reaction of new coronavirus is detected in dog

Virus testing of dogs owned by the new coronavirus-infected dogs revealed a "weakly positive" response, indicating low levels of the virus found in the body.

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The owner of the weakly positive dog was a 60-year-old woman on February 12, 2020New coronavirus infection(COVID-19)Symptoms occurred, and subsequent tests were positive. Hong Kong's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesFisheries and Agriculture Nature Protection Office(AFCD)Inspection of mucus from the nasal and oral cavities of the woman's pet dog revealed a weakly positive reaction indicating the presence of low levels of the novel coronavirus.

AFCD points out that the dog in question does not show signs of COVID-19, and whether it is really infected with COVID-19, or simply a new coronavirus that was taken into the nose and mouth from the contaminated surface was detected He said it was unknown. According to the AFCD, the dog in question was isolated at an animal isolation facility until a negative test result was obtained.

The government of Hong Kong says that if a new coronavirus infection is confirmed in a household that owns pets, quarantine measures will be taken not only for owners but also for pets.(PDF file)Announcementdoing. AFCD explains the new coronavirus testing and other measures to be carried out on pets with illustrated posts.

The AFCD states that there is no evidence of a new type of coronavirus infection in pets such as dogs and cats, or that pets are transmitted to humans, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Veterinarian Association has not confirmed that dog infection was confirmed, “ Japan The transmission of the new coronavirus in pets is not a problem at this time. "

Low-level novel coronavirus detected in dogs by PCR test in Hong Kong
(PDF file)

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, Head of Technology for the WHO Emergency Program, said at a press conference at the WHO headquarters in Geneva, “ I understand the results, the understanding of ongoing tests, and We will continue our research to understand what we can do to protect the environment. "

Hong Kong is adjacent to Guangdong Province, which has the second largest number of infected people next to Hubei Province, where Wuhan is located, but the number of infected people confirmed in Hong Kong is less than 100 people in the United States public radio networkNPRPointed out. Hong Kong has been able to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, in addition to blocking borders and closing schools due to the suspension of trains, buses and ferries to mainland China, and measures to quickly isolate suspected infections, He reported that the reason was that citizens tried to protect themselves with masks, sunglasses and sometimes plastic raincoats.

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