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Weird cafe robo, photographing the age and characteristics of customers with a camera, AI judges and serving customers-Engadget Japan version

HIS hennnacafe update

HIS announced on February 7 that it will upgrade its coffee serving robot at the company's "Weird Cafe".

A strange cafe is a cafe that opened in HIS Shibuya Main Store on February 1, 2018. Adopting a small café package "& robot café system" using robots from QBIT Robotics, the robots are responsible for making coffee.

This time, a "hospitality controller" that can judge the surrounding situation and speak is introduced to a single-armed high-performance cooperative robot. It says that the AI ​​linked with the camera can determine the gender and age group of the visiting customers, and can handle each customer appropriately.

In addition, we will change the cup that was set manually by customers to a setting that sets it automatically for further automation.


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