Welfare work place,Corona ominous in labor decimated the original coffee in the city and restart for

The new corona virus infection, the impact of welfare work place and not. Welfare work place are usually establishments to the employment of those who aim to target Employment Transition Support business,the usual business establishments of the employment is difficult is the employment contract employment is possible for people who have to work continued support Type A business office, and contract of employment based on employment is difficult to those who want to work continued support B-type operations. According to a survey by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and welfare, by fiscal 2018 of work continued support B-type plant of the national average, the labor cost per month 1 million 6118 yen in the hourly and fractional 214 yen situation.

Gifu, Gifu Prefecture of carrier operated by the work continued support B-type plant power is the labor cost to improve coffee’s original brand”andcoffee”was launched. Independent production, independent sales, make the product price of about 50 percent to the labor cost and office users have paid.

Original brand”andcoffee”luxury goods species, Arabica 100 percent use authentic coffee, the process of roasting technicians trained thoroughly by the”disability welfare”with frame just manually defective beans get rid of the carefully selected Arabica 100%use the beans of features to maximize roasting, such as taste and smell the goodness of the pursuit of coffee production.

Products, the company’s office or community events,in shopping malls in the sale, but the new corona virus infection expanded the influence of the many companies telework to shift, cancellation of event and the Mall closed one after another, sales decrease sharply, reach. Because of this, business establishments, the labor cost is also greatly lowered as you.

This status quo to break the window Carrier Command decided to challenge. Crowdfunding, the contents of drip coffee and coffee beans-a set of monthly scheduled services to provide monthly support. The course is 1,000 yen from 3 million yen,the maximum amount of 3 million yen is corporate, corporate logo, original label, use for drip bag coffee 200 bags each month and delivery.

Offices”the goal is monthly and 30 million yen of subscription acquisition. 2020 Years 11 month 30 days, carried out to support people with disabilities to interested people, delicious coffee people who like organization and continue”as that. New Corona by the demand for evaporation in the welfare offices but also just to survive various efforts have been tried seems to. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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