Wentz reflection…Ikuta marriage first day Masao Okada and 3 people TV phone

Wentz Eiji [34] had a guest appearance on "Widena Show" [10am Sunday] on Fuji TV, and received a direct marriage report from Toma Ikuta [35] and Kiyoshina [25]. Revealed.

Wentz and Ikuta were co-stars on the NKH educational TV program "Tensai TV-kun" over 20 years ago. Since then, they have been communicating with each other, and on the first day, the wedding anniversary of Ikuta and Kiyono, three people were making videophone calls with their friend actor Masao Okada [30].

The three members talked about what can be done with Corona Eruption, but the discussion was heated. It was said that the discussion lasted until midnight. It is said that Kiyano was poking Ikuta through the monitor, and Ikuta reportedly got married at 2 o'clock midnight.

Even though he was not informed of his marriage, Wentz said, “I and Okada said, “Tell me!””. "It seems that Nana said, "This day is good," but it's an important day. I'm sorry to say that it's the first day of marriage [marriage], though. Was there.

Ikuta and Kiyono started dating after their co-starring in the TBS drama "Ouroboros-Kono Koi Koi Ai Justice." Got in after 5 years of love.

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