Western attention to economic indicators:5 September US unemployment rate is 20%closer to the possibility

*14:35JST Western attention to economic indicators:5 September US unemployment rate is 20%closer to the possibility
6 Months 1 Day−5 days a week will be announced on major economic indicators about the prospect of below.

■1 day (Monday), at 11 o’clock will be announced
○(Us)5 November ISM Manufacturing Forecast is 43. 5
Reference to 4 Figures is 41. 5. The new orders index and the employment index is a significant drop in record. 5 months, the employment index will further decline may,New Orders, the majority of companies have 4 Figures in comparison with the drastic improvement can not be expected from the overall 4 Figures and above the level expected.

■3 (Wed), 11pm will be announced
○(Us)5 November ISM Non-Manufacturing Economic Sentiment Index-forecast 44. 0
Reference to 4 Figures is 41. 8. 16 industry activity reduction was reported. Business conditions and new orders,the employment in 1997 of statistics since start at the lowest level. 5 months in the city, blockade of partial termination, with the business climate improvement to be expected, but the employment and new orders continued at a low level as expected. Overall 4 Figures and above degree.

■4 (Thu)PM 8: 45 PM announcement of results scheduled
○(Europe)the European Central Bank Governing Council-expected quantitative easing measures to expand
This time in the Board of Directors of the new corona virus infection outbreak that accompanied the economic downturn, in order to respond to quantitative easing policy, the expansion of the discussion about the expected to be. Lagarde President in 2020, Euro zone gross domestic product (GDP), year-on-year-more than 10% of the significant drop may be noted, and a Pandemic Emergency purchase program(PEPP)is the current of 7500 billion euros of purchases frame double may.

■5 (Fri) 9: 30 p.m. will be announced
○(Rice)5 month payrolls-expected non-farm payrolls the previous month-800 million, and the unemployment rate 19. 5%
5 on 9 the date of the unemployment insurance continuation benefit recipients number of 2500 million people, the near Level,5 September non-farm payrolls number is further expected to decrease. The unemployment rate is nearly 20% rise in May. Low-wage employers are further being reduced from 5 on the average hourly rate of growth in 4 Figures, the year-on-year rate of+7.9%is likely to surpass that.

○Other main economic indicators scheduled to be released
・1 day (Monday): (medium)5 on goods new manufacturing PMI
・3 (Wed): (middle) 5 on the goods a new services PMI,(Germany) 5 months unemployment, (Europe)4 June Euro-zone Producer Price Index,(Europe)4 months unemployment, (us)5 November ADP employment report
・4 (Thu):(Europe)4 June retail sales,(U.S.)4 on the trade balance
・5 (Fri): (date)4 on all households consumption expenditure《FA》

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