Western attention to economic indicators:U.S. interest rate long as no change of perspective also

*14:37JST Western attention to economic indicators:U.S. interest rate long as no change of perspective also
1 on 27 October−31 October week will be announced in the major economic indicators about the prospect of below

■28 (Tue)10: 30 PM will be announced
○(Rice)12 September durable goods orders-expected growth at+1.0%
Reference to 11 figures from the previous month-2.0%. The major car company strike of elimination in auto・parts is increased, but the military aircraft・the components significantly decreased by this factor. 12 months, military aircraft and parts orders, and may increase,the automotive・parts of the orders is also expected to increase, and overall is 11 actuals is expected to surpass that.

■29 (Wed)Japan time on the 30th morning 4 when the results turn out
○(US)Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)meeting-expectations of monetary policy maintaining the status quo
The current policy rate in the US-China trade talks in Phase 1 of the agreement after properly however, trade the problem such as over the U.S.-China relationship of uncertainty to remove, a 新型肺炎 spread of infection, such as by the global economic slowdown trend remains unchanged, it is expected that, from 1 March 28−29th open to the next FOMC meeting, including the US monetary policy over time no change of State is expected to continue.

■30 (Thu)10: 30 PM will be announced
○(Rice)10-12 year on year gross domestic product (GDP)preliminary figures-expected annualized+2.2%
Reference Atlanta Fed’s economic forecasting model”GDPNow”estimate (1 September 17 time points) annualized+1.8%, respectively. However, 12 on the minutes of the economic indicators of some improvement as the forecast model of the growth forecast is slightly above the May. Market expectations at a reasonable level.

■31 (Fri)7 PM will be announced
○(Europe)10-12 months the Euro zone in the total production estimates-forecast year-on-year+1.1%
12 on the Euro area business confidence index is rising, household spending increased, industrial production and the expansion of the Euro zone economy and signs of a pick-up. A significant improvement is not expected to be, the 1% year-on-year growth first half growth is likely to be.

○Other main economic indicators scheduled to be released
・27 (Mon): (US) 12 November new home sales number
・28 (Tue):(rice)11 months CS20 cities housing price index (US) 1 March Consumer Confidence Index
・30 (Thu):(Europe) 12 March Eurozone unemployment rate, (British) UK Central Bank MPC monetary policy announcement
・31 (Fri):(day) 12 month unemployment rate, (Day) 12 month industrial production, (middle) 1 month manufacturing PMI(Europe) 1 month Eurozone CPI, (USA) 12 October PCE core price index (US) 1 November Chicago Purchasing Managers ‘ Association index《FA》

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