Western Currency Outlook: dollar・yen and the sluggish U.S. manufacturing business conditions for

*17:25JST Western Currency Outlook: dollar・yen and the sluggish U.S. manufacturing business conditions for
7 day Western in the Forex market, the dollar・yen and the sluggish growth that predicted what was to unfold. The Middle East of excessive vigilance is softened,the rise in stock prices for clues as Yen selling ahead of forecasts. However, tonight’s US economic data in manufacturing and the slow recovery of the is shown if the stock prices to swing, the dollar down it.

Rice Trump the regime by the Iranian elite unit commander for the murder of the two countries heightened tensions, the excessive vigilance of the retreat is 6 days of the NY stock market to rise or. Also, the US 10-year bond yields of lower reluctant to receive, the dollar・yen selling is weak the previous week from the end of the relatively large lowered somewhat from the values that back. Today Asian market, the Nikkei Stock Average on the previous day compared to 300 yen, high with steady sentiment and risk appetite by Yen selling in the dollar is temporary 108 yen to the mid-strength contains. However, Trump the regime of Iran from Iraq, North Korea and the relationship of the conflict to develop from the initial,geopolitical risks was conscious of a sentiment change to the world.

But tonight is the Western economic indicators of the material written. 19 at the time of the announcement of Eurozone retail sales and Consumer Price Index [preliminary figures]none of the previous is expected to outweigh the regional economy is weakened if buying euros is observed. On the other hand, 24 at the time of US economic data, the ISM Non-Manufacturing Economic Sentiment Index is steady, with the share price of the boost factor would. However, 3 days was published on the ISM Manufacturing Sentiment Index unexpectedly deteriorated the most,5 consecutive months below 50 this was from the manufacturing business confidence has been the focus of attention. Today’s factory orders are weak and if it breaks for the deterioration in sentiment on Tuesday, with dollar sales is expected.

【Today’s Western market plans] -19:00 Eurozone・12 month consumer price index preliminary [YoY: + expected:+1.3%, 11 March:+1.0%] -19:00 Eurozone・11 October retail sales[month-to-month forecast:+0.7%, 10 March: -0.6%] -22:30 Rice・11 November trade balance [forecast:-437 billion dollars, 10 March:-47.2 billion dollars] -22:30 Canada・11 November trade balance [forecast:-12 billion in dollars, 10 August:-10.8 billion in dollars] -24:00 Rice・12 months the ISM Non-Manufacturing Business Climate Index [forecast:54.5,11 March: 53.9] -24:00 rice・11 August factory orders [M / M forecast:-0.7%, 10 March:+0.3%] -24:00 rice・11 August durable goods orders revised[month-to-month expected:-2.0%,preliminary figures:-2.0] -03:00 US Treasury 3 year bond bid《FA》

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