Western Currency Outlook: dollar・yen is on the reluctance of banks, and U.S. economic expansion expected risk appetite of yen sales cycle

*17:25JST Western Currency Outlook: dollar・yen is on the reluctance of banks, and U.S. economic expansion expected risk appetite of yen sales cycle
5 day Western in the Forex market, the dollar・yen is on the Bank to anticipate what you want. The new virus to the Chinese government’s response continues to be good, the risk appetite by Yen selling is cycled prospects. In North America, Europe and the stock market is not adjusted and,further, dollar buying is restrained from so.

The people’s Bank of China according to the NEW Antivirus of the Bank such as financial markets gives a sense of security, risk tolerance is growing. Also, the US election campaign for Democratic candidates and the first match was the Iowa Caucus, the leftist candidate is the 2-position or below the market favorably received. The day before the NY stock market is significantly negative received today Asian markets Nikkei Stock Average yesterday than temporary 300 yen high and the yen sell invited. The Shanghai Composite Index picking up yen selling, helping the major currencies is against the Japanese yen rising trend to maintain. Dollar・yen 109 yen for the mid and 1 on 24 October to its highest level since the values that back.

After this market, the US economic indicators and stock prices, long-term interest rates have been attracting attention. 22 hours and 15 minutes of 1 on the ADP payrolls than the previous, lackluster content is expected, this weekend’s payrolls downside to speculation spreads if the stock index and lower long-term interest rates is inevitable, with the dollar buying is receding so. Also, the 24 hours of 1 January ISM Non-Manufacturing Business Climate Index from the previous improvement is assumed, the dollar value movement of stock prices and interest rates will be going. Hours trading US stock futures are weak sentiment will continue,tonight is not the adjustment is expected to. Dollar・yen is feet at 110 circle points to the deployment, but the rise in the fast-paced profit selling pushed to May.

【Today’s Western market plans] -17:55 Germany・1 October Services PMI revised value [forecast:54.2,preliminary:54.2] -18:00 Eurozone・1 August services PMI revised value[expected:52.2,preliminary figures:52.2] -18:30 UK・1 August services PMI revised value[expected:52.9,preliminary:52.9] -19:00 Eurozone・12 months retail sales [M / M forecast:-1.1%, 11 March:+1.0%] -22:15 US・1 on the ADP payrolls [forecast:+15.8 million,12 September:+20.2 million] -22:30 Rice・12 month trade balance [forecast:-482 billion dollars, 11 March:-431 billion USD] -22:30 Canada・12 March trade balance [forecast:-6.1 billion in dollars, 11 March: -10.9 billion in dollars] -23:45 Rice・1 August services PMI revised value[expected:53.2,preliminary:53.2] -24:00 rice・1 on the ISM Non-Manufacturing Business Climate Index [forecast:55.1,12 months: 54.9←55.0] -06:10 play bonus US FED Board member Symposium attendance[payment innovation related] 《FA》

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