What about a job offer? Olympics confusion "Phantom representative" also / All sports original survey

On January 25, one night after the one-year postponement of the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics], the National Sports Federation [NF] fell into confusion. The Japan Olympic Committee [JOC] has been notified to the NF that the athlete dispatch procedure will be frozen until May 29. In addition, listening to all events by daily sports highlighted the suffering of NF.

The Japanese National Team decides on the appointment and recommends it to the JOC for approval. However, the Olympic schedule has yet to be decided, so the JOC has to freeze the procedure. This has reduced the meaning of choosing a 21st representative this spring.

NF, who has a group ball game that will play a representative training camp for survival, decides to disband the team temporarily. A source said, "There are viruses and there is a risk of gathering." Shooting and boat selection were canceled. Players aiming for the right to participate in the Olympic World Final Qualifiers run by the International Federation [IF] are likely to lose the tournament. One NF executive said, "I'm awaiting an IF decision, so I can't move here."

The treatment of informal athletes has also been divided. The Japan Athletic Federation has 6 marathon representatives including Osako Jie, and the Japan Water Federation has nominated Daiya Seto. Judo, on the other hand, will choose one from the men's 66kg class Abe Ichi and Maruyama at the All Japan Selected Weight Championship in April. After deciding on all 14 men and women, the Board of Directors will consider whether the representative is appropriate for 21 years.

JOC Chairman Yamashita set a goal of 30 gold on this day. He himself was an illustrious representative at the Moscow Olympics boycott in 1980. "I didn't give up, didn't give up, and inspired me again. I want you to do my best." However, JOC does not have the authority to intervene in the NF's national selection. The postponement is due to the spread of coronavirus infection, but the reality is that "phantom representatives" may be born again.

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