What are some helpful ways to get out of a slump in work?


What are some helpful ways to get out of a slump in work?

Even if you want to always achieve the best performance at work, it is natural that work performance has ups and downs, and sometimes you end up in a slump where no matter what you do. He is an expert in leadership and work environment on how to get out of such a job slump.Rachel CookMr. explains.

How to Pull Out of a Work Slump | Modern Mentor

◆ 1: Make it clear what has changed and what is missing

If you're in a slump, it's important to identify what you're missing from yourself, Cook said. For example, Cook, who fell into a slump after a pandemic of a novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), lost his work clothes, movement, conversation in the meeting room, body language, etc. He said he had self-analyzed.

Mr. Cook, who conducted further analysis, said he realized that "what I really lost was not the movements, clothes, and conference rooms, but the "sense of connecting with people." Slump was caused by the loss of organic connections with people due to remote work, Cook said, arguing that when slumping, you should first think "what have you lost?" I am.

◆2: Reproduce lost things and experiences

After identifying what he has lost in the slump, it may be a stepping stone to get out of the slump by reproducing what he has lost. In Cook's case, he focused on recreating the "connection with people" lost by the pandemic, and he thought about various methods.

During the remote work, Cook established a rule to "connect with people for private or work-related matters" so that he could be contacted in the form of telephone calls or voice mail. Although it is not exactly the same shape as before, Mr. Cook said that by reproducing the method as close as possible to the previous interaction, Mr. Cook became able to feel the connection with people and helped escape from Slump.

◆ 3: Try a new method that has never existed

The only way to get out of a slump is to identify what's lost and recreate it. Sometimes "breaking comfort and established routines and trying something new" can help you get out of the slump.

In the case of Mr. Cook, conventionally, he rented a conference room etc. and had an all-day meeting and dialogue program with customers, but as a new challenge, the method of "limiting one meeting and dialogue program to 90 minutes" I heard you started. Changing the way you work will have a big impact, but fortunately Cook's new way seems to work, and he says he will continue to do it after the pandemic calms down.

◆ 4: Take a break

According to Cook, the biggest cause of slump is "battery drain", and it is not uncommon to feel slump due to work such as overwork, increased anxiety, and the simultaneous progress of many things. is. In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic is making a big difference in people's lives, saying, “Looking at the care of a child who has become an online class, thinking about COVID-19 measures and trying different remote work methods by trial and error. Work like “” makes people tired and slumps.

So Cook decided to take regular walks, listen to audiobooks and music, and call out to friends every day. These breathers are useful for charging the battery of the mind and getting out of the slump, Cook says.

◆5: Talk to someone who is in trouble with slump

It may seem strange at first glance, but Cook argues that "helping someone suffering from a slump" can also help them escape. For example, Mr. Cook's friend suffered from the state of being called "Zoom's mountain" during remote work, and he was exhausted at the Zoom conference held constantly while sitting on the chair at home, and he fell into slump from overwork. .. When Cook asked a friend, "How many meetings have you attended in the last 5 days and how many of them were useful?" he said he attended 36 meetings, but 11 of them were useful. I answered that it was not over.

Cook worked with him to find a way to manage his schedule efficiently in order to eliminate overwork from his friends. Among them, Cook said he realized that he was consuming energy by overworking like his friends, and that he was able to get a clue to escape the slump through helping his friend. ..

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