What are the advantages and disadvantages of "online job hunting" that students and companies have felt? –Interview with T-shirt

”One of the major changes in Corona's disaster is “job hunting”. 3 It is greatly affected that it was difficult to meet in person to avoid crowding. Not only was the hiring schedule for new graduates significantly delayed, but many of the joint company information sessions and real interviews were canceled, and they are now online. Even after joining the company, many things seem to be progressing online, such as online entrance ceremony and online training.

HR Research Institute2020 & 2021 New Graduate Recruitment Trend SurveyAccording to (March), 30% of companies have changed their interview method, and 61% of them have changed to an interview such as web or telephone without visiting the company. This trend seems to be intensifying, especially in large companies. I want to see the present of online job hunting.

It has many merits, but it is difficult to grasp the atmosphere

En Japan's targeting college and graduate students scheduled to graduate in 2022"Online job hunting" attitude surveyAccording to (June), 84% of "Job hunting seminars/events" were asked when they asked about what they had participated in online job hunting events. 55% of “company briefing sessions” are held, and there is no doubt that many parts of job hunting are online.

How do students feel about online job hunting? 30% of respondents "feel merit" and 40% of "feel rather merit" show that 70% actually feel the merit.

 The reason why I feel the merit is that there is no transportation cost even if I live in a rural area, and that I can participate in school efficiently because I can participate efficiently in a short time. Some people welcomed the interview as being relaxed and easy to ask. Online meetings are often cited as benefits for working people, but they are almost the same.

On the other hand, as for the events where there is resistance to participate online, "final interview" was 67%, "internship event" was 48%, and "second selection-one step before the final selection" was 38%. One of the biggest disadvantages of online is that it is hard to grasp the atmosphere of the company or the people who work, and it seems that many people want to meet face-to-face in important situations where they want to show their enthusiasm and lead to hiring.

"I would like to meet directly about once" Job hunters and companies

 A job hunter is said to be undergoing an online interview in a T-shirt. At first, I was confused, but I stopped wearing a suit because many employees on the other company's side still wear casual clothes. "I didn't think I would wear a suit when I was job hunting. It's easy, but I feel like going to a company I'm interested in and seeing it directly."

On the other hand, there seems to be inconvenience in actually trying an online interview. The information that can be obtained by going to the venue and talking with job hunting students is great, but it seems that such information is difficult to obtain this year. "I'm worried about the lack of information, so I'm visiting the OB online." It seems that the OB to meet was found by using SNS himself or being introduced by seniors.

 In addition, there are also voices saying, “I felt that communication was difficult because the sound was interrupted during the interview and it was difficult to hear.” "I was worried if I was able to convey my reaction. Will I be evaluated properly online?"

Another local job hunter said, “I heard that if I live in a rural area, hundreds of thousands of transportation and accommodation expenses may disappear, so I was saved.” "It was hard to ask because my part-time job was reduced in corona and my life was hard, and my parents also said that my income was reduced."

A female student said, "At the information session, all of our friends use lights." Some people use it for online meetings, but they also use a selfie light to brighten their faces for interviews. Some of his friends respond by the windows of the sun. One of the tips to take a picture that looks good on Instagram is "taking in natural light." When you take pictures in soft natural light, things look beautiful. I'm a generation I'm used to on Instagram, so I might be able to handle it naturally.

▽ It seems that online employment has both advantages and disadvantages for companies. One small and medium-sized company is unable to appeal to job hunting students because it cannot keep up with online job hunting. On the other hand, for companies that have adopted online companies, there seems to be an advantage that they do not need the cost of venues and the printing of materials that used to take place. Since it is possible to approach distant students such as rural areas and overseas residents who have been difficult to approach so far, it seems to be a plus for companies that can make good use of the advantages of online.

There are quite a few voices on the part of the company, saying, "Honestly, I would like to meet face-to-face for the last interview and feel the personality of the student. Online has various advantages depending on its use, but it also has the unique strengths of offline.

 Because there are good points of the past, there will be some parts that will remain. On the other hand, online job hunting has advantages for companies and job hunters. In the future, job hunting that matches this new lifestyle may become established.

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