What are the free address offices that keep people from focusing?


What are the free address offices that keep people from focusing?

It is OK to work freely in the office without fixing the correspondence between people and seats.Free address”Further expands your thinking and allows you to freely choose where you work, whether inside or outside the office.ABW(Activity Based Working)'' or sharing one desk or computer with multiple peopleHot death king".

One of the core issues for this "free address" is "how to keep the worker's concentration good." If you can measure the level of concentration of workers at various free addresses, you should be able to find the "appropriate form of free address". Based on this idea, Mohammad Saiedur Rahaman and others at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) devised and actually tested an environmental physics system to determine "how concentrated the workers are."

An Ambient-Physical System to Infer Concentration in Open-plan Workplace-IEEE Journals & Magazine

Can't concentrate at work? This AI system knows why

RMIT's research team worked with Arup, a global design company, to test 31 people at two ABW offices over four weeks with AI-powered systems.

As a result, each staff member has “window”, “near the kitchen”, “near the boss”, etc.Favorite placeI found that if I could not secure a place, my concentration could decrease.

Also, one of the factors that makes you feel comfortable no matter where you sit isroom temperaturewas. Most people felt that it was too cold to concentrate at 22.5°C or less, and became more sensitive to room temperature over the working hours. As a matter of course,Eve sleep qualityAlso had a big impact on concentration.

further,Number of meetingsInfluences the ability to concentrate, and those who attend a large number of people at a conference showed a decline in their concentration compared to those who attended a few meetings. Some people use "rough meetings" to reduce the number of meetings, but for others this kind of meeting seems to be just as distracting as meetings.

In addition, Mr. Lahman said that when the population density of offices is highCarbon dioxide concentration"It shows how high quality heating and cooling ventilation systems and houseplants are important for carbon dioxide reduction in office design," he said.

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