What are the most important things announced at WWDC 2020? –Read Apple News

“This week's Apple News Sudden Read” that summarizes CNET Japan news related to Apple from June 15th to June 28th. Apple has held the world's first developer conference, "WWDC 2020," starting June 22nd. Each session was recorded in advance at Apple Park, etc., the keynote speech was at 10:00 p.m. on June 22, Pacific Time, USA, the current state and future of the platform will be discussed at 14:00 on the same day, and individual sessions will be held every day from the next day onwards. It proceeded in the form of being released at 10 am local time.

Powerful keynote speech

Craig Federigi, who is the top of software development at the keynote speech, especially in the keynote speech, not the presentation format that has been developed on the stage until now, including keynote speeches and individual sessions. The presentation was made while running around the Steve Jobs Theater like an action star.

Apple is working on its own TV program production with Apple TV+ announced in March 2019. Obviously, the quality video that makes the crew think that it is involved will make the broadcast of the presentation held by other companies tedious.

Apple Silicon Mac

The most important thing in this announcement was that the Mac will move from Intel to Apple Silicon in the next two years. This gives Apple the freedom to grow its Mac with proprietary chips.

The platform has been changed for the first time in 14 years, and again this time, Rosetta 2 that automatically rewrites the code of old software, Universal 2 application that supports both old and new chips, and virtual machine environment were prepared.

However, the burden on the developer may not be as heavy as last time.

In the first place, the performance of the machine has improved, speed comes out even if it is executed while rewriting the code, and over the years, due to the common API etc. in iPhone / iPad / Mac applications, it is a big trouble other than screen size and UI There is no such thing, and that the UI part also realizes integrated development by SwiftUI.

App Clips and Widget

 Apple has been aiming for an app developer to collaborate to solve user problems in a way that allows app developers to call and utilize app functions from others.

WWDC 2020 has a mechanism that allows you to easily call an application and continue to display only necessary information. By the way, App Clips and Widgets are the mechanisms already implemented in Android, and these measures should be regarded as "catch up".

 For example, Siri Shortcuts is an environment that makes concrete recipes, and apps that can respond to this can get the honor of "AI compatible" that can play its role when Siri calls out. However, it doesn't seem that the recipe making itself is popular.

▽ In iOS 14, we created a mechanism that allows some of the functions included in the application to be called as App Clips so that the user can call the required function in front of them.

For example, when paying for a cafe, even if you try to pay for the menu easily on your iPhone, until now you have searched for the full app on the App Store, downloaded it, created an account, registered payment information, and finally used it. it can.

App Clips is a mechanism that allows you to do this instantly with a 10MB mini app. User registration is limited to Sign in with Apple and payment information is limited to Apple Pay, but it takes 30 seconds to complete the work that took 5 minutes at the fastest so far.

Widget is the same. You can display the information of the application on the home screen, you can check the necessary information at a glance without launching the application. With a smart stack that stacks multiple apps on a single widget, Siri will automatically select and display the information it needs depending on the situation.

While Apple is aiming to develop economic areas by expanding the use of applications, users can use the "screen time" function to clearly show how much they are looking at their smartphone screen and call for a reduction in that time. There is. I get the impression that methods for resolving these contradictions are gradually being prepared.

Introducing the original chip "Apple Silicon" for Mac and the latest OS "Big Sur"-CPU change for the first time in 14 years (6/23)

Mac mini Brings Own Chip "Apple Silicon"–Apple, $500 Developer Program (6/23)

Japan's "Futake" becomes the fastest supercomputer in the world–World ranking "TOP500" (6/23)

Apple announces new features of "AirPods"-automatic connection switching, "spatial audio", etc. (6/23)

iPhone 14 is the key to the car "iOS 14"-Widget introduction, mini app that does not require installation (6/23)

Apple “HomeKit” Offers New Features, Automation Suggestions, etc. (6/23)

Walls of Apple's Walled Garden are even higher due to cooperation of "iPhone", "iPad" and "Mac" (6/26)

“Safari 14” can log in to the website with Face ID or Touch ID (6/26)

AR's glasses tips were hidden in Apple's virtual WWDC (6/27)

App Stores subject to antitrust investigations in Europe and US

Apple has a share of less than 15% of the global smartphone market, but App Store sales have been nearly double that of Google Play. However, the billing mechanism is limited to the one via the App Store, and even if the service is provided externally, the price is restricted to be the same.

Regarding Apple Pay, the current situation where electronic payment systems made by other companies cannot be put into the iPhone continues. In response, the European Commission has launched an investigation on suspicion of violating competition law.

The reason for this was a complaint from Spotify over a year ago. Spotify points out that it limits consumers from knowing cheaper ways to buy outside the App Store, which is also the focus of the study.

 A similar survey will be conducted in the United States. Spotify is a European company, and it seems that it is necessary to add a composition that counters the control of Apple, a US company that is a gatekeeper, but since the survey in the United States is a comparison with Google, Spotify of the Apple platform There are weak points when the closed nature is pointed out.

Apple should not be allowed to ride free, from the perspective of user experience and privacy protection, and from the recently announced contribution to the economic zone and employment, it is believed that it will make previous assertions that point to validity ..

European Commission investigates'Apple Pay' and'App Store' on suspicion of competition law violations (6/17)

Antitrust investigation into Apple'App Store', considering in the US (6/25)

Contact notification app spreads around the world

 The contact notification application of the new coronavirus by Apple and Google has started in each country, and in Germany it achieved 6.5 million downloads on the first day of release. In Japan, it reached 3.26 million downloads as of June 22, and is spreading.

This application provides the API jointly developed by Apple and Google only to public institutions in each country and region, uses the passing communication using Bluetooth to create a log of rich contact, and the new coronavirus It is a mechanism that the patient self-reports and notifies the person who remains in the log of the possibility of infection.

Initially in Japan as well as in the UK, we were trying to build our own contact notification application, but because of the security restrictions of iOS, we had to give up and contact without identifying personal information or location information. As a result, the notification application is being unified with Apple/Google's API.

On the other hand, the spread of infection is being confirmed again in the United States, which has once converged and has decided to restart business. Apple has been forced to close again at 11 of its reopened retail stores in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Germany's new Corona contact notification app achieves 6.5 million downloads in one day after release (6/19)

UK abandons its own corona contact notification app–adopts Apple and Google technologies (6/19)

New Corona Contact Confirmation App "COCOA" Downloaded 3.26 Million–In 3 Days from Delivery (6/22)

Apple to re-close some stores in the U.S. with the spread of new corona infection (6/23)


Apple, 16-inch MacBook Pro with new graphics configuration, SSD kit for Mac Pro (6/16)

Apple developing a charging mat like AirPower? –Image leaked (6/19)

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