What are the seven strategies by which successful web services such as Twitter, Facebook and Dropbox have gained their first users?

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What are the seven strategies by which successful web services such as Twitter, Facebook and Dropbox have gained their first users?

Investor Lenny Latchitzky surveyed how successful web apps and online services have exceeded 1,000 users since launch, with most services implementing one to three strategies. It turned out that it had acquired users. Strategies for each service can be broadly classified into seven, and Rachitzky summarizes how each service actually acquired users.

How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users-Issue 25-Lenny's Newsletter

According to Ratchisky, seven strategies support the initial growth of all services. Most services have one strategy to reach the initial users, and at most three strategies have been successful.

1: Promote where your target meets offline
2: Promote where your target gathers online
3: Invite friends
Four:FOMOTo use
5: Utilize influencers
6: Work on the media
7: Utilize the private community

◆ 1: Promote where the target gathers offline

Food delivery serviceDoorDashIsPalo AltoIt started from a website that just converted the restaurant menu in. DoorDash's development team printed a large amount of leaflets with a shipping fee of $ 6 (about 650 yen) and posted it everywhere at Stanford University. The number of users increased steadily, partly because the number of ready-to-eat meals was on the rise.

Matching apptinderTargeted college students and conducted marketing centering on university campuses. Tinder was sold to social clubs at the University of Southern California, and the fact that it "knows whether or not the other party is interested in me" made a hit and led to an increase in the number of users.

Photo sharing appSnapchat, The founder Evan Spiegel himself went to shopping malls, handed out leaflets, and gave a one-to-one Snapchat tutorial to passersby. It seems that Mr. Spiegel sometimes downloaded Snapchat to the other party's smartphone. A book that summarizes the history of SnapchatHow to Turn Down a Billion Dollars: The Snapchat Story (How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars: The Snapchat Story)"I was trying to do anything to win users," Spiegel said.

This is a handmade e-commerce app.EtsyThe development team has gone to all craft fairs across the United States and is looking for Etsy sellers. Collecting sellers to sell at craft fairs has eventually led to buyers who are seller fans also being invited to Etsy.

Dispatch app,UberThe development team distributed the app referral code at stations where there is a great demand for vehicle dispatch services, and gradually increased the number of users.

It is also a dispatch appLyftOur development team advertises to companies, not individual users. Collect contact information for small startups from all development teams, get permission from each company, and a popular store in San Francisco,Bylite CreameryBy delivering this ice cream for free, it spread the name and credibility of Lyft.

Image sharing websites,PinterestBen Silverman, one of the founders,interview"I honestly did a lot of desperation. I used to go to the Apple Store and change the screen of every PC to a Pinterest page. I was thinking that I was doing it. "

◆ 2: Advertise at a place where the target gathers online
DropboxFounder Drew HoustonA simple movie introducing Dropbox was released on Hacker News in April 2007Did. Below is a movie with the same contents as published in April 2007. With this movie, Dropbox succeeded in gaining users.

What is Dropbox? Explained! Original Dropbox Video (HD)-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

Short movie posting siteTikTokThe key to success was the long app name. Shortly after TikTok came out, it wasn't called “ TikTok '' but “ make awesome music videos with all kinds of effects for Instagram, Facebook, Messenger '' (using all kinds of effects for Instagram, Facebook, Messenger). It was sold under a very long name, "Let's make a great music video". By using a known app name, it became easy to hit from the search engine and got many users.

NetflixSaid that its employees had been pretending to be home theater enthusiasts and movie enthusiasts, joining the movie enthusiast community and gaining the trust of key members over the course of a few months, then slowly promoting Netflix.

Acquired more than 100,000 users in about 9 monthsBufferContribute to the blogs of other companiesGuest blogAdvertised by doing. About 150 guest blogs have attracted the attention of many users as the number has increased, and have steadily increased the number of users. The founder, Leo Widrich,interview"It took me a while to find the right guest blog post frequency," he said.

◆ 3: Invite friends

Team communication toolsSlackWas founded by Stewart Butterfieldinterview“I asked a friend who works for another company to try the app and give me feedback. I think the first companies we worked with were about 6 to 10. I asked a big group to share Slack, By increasing the number of teams, we have increased not only users but also feedback. ”

Shortly after release, Facebook increased the number of users by having friends of the development team use the service. When we first advertised Facebook on a mailing list with about 300 people, Facebook spread from person to person, and we got more than 1200 users within 24 hours after we notified the mailing list.

LinkedInUses the network of its founder, Reid Hoffman, to pick up only successful friends and use them on LinkedIn to achieve both user acquisition and image improvement immediately after release.

◆ 4: Use FOMO

"Using FOMO" means that we are worried that "I am the only one who does not use the service?" And acquire users by taking advantage of the surroundings.

InstagramKevin Cistrom, the founder ofLecture on the creation of Instagram“I think the biggest thing was that while we were creating and testing our Instagram prototype, we had people with a large number of Twitter followers try it out. By sharing it on Twitter, a lot of people got a feeling of “when Instagram will be released, when can I play it”, and on the day when it was actually released, Advertising has been a springboard for good results. "

It is an email management appMailboxWas popular for a while with over 700,000 users waiting to register. Publicly, it is a mechanism for the Mailbox side to manage user demand, but it is also considered to be a marketing ploy that uses a large number of users as advertising material. In addition, Mailbox has reached the end of service on February 26, 2016.

SpotifyImmediately after the release, adopted an invitation system for new user registration. By adopting an invitation system, we not only helped manage the growth level of Spotify, but also spread word of mouth from user to user.

◆ 5: Utilize influencers

Work submission site,Product HuntAs the first users, the founders of Twitter talked to a well-designed designer who has a large number of followers on Twitter. We have established the artistry of Product Hunt by not only promoting it to a large number of users but also creating content that anyone can see.

Below is a graph showing the change in the number of users immediately after Twitter release, the vertical axis shows the number of users, the horizontal axis shows the date. Entrepreneur Evan Williams's blog posted on July 13, 2006 and posted on July 15, 2006Om Malik's articleHas greatly increased the number of users.

◆ 6: Work on the media

Instead of using a PR company, Instagram contacted the media directly and asked for a lot of coverage for the release. “At first I was reluctant to ask people who might like Instagram to interview me.New York TimesNot only was he interested in Instagram when he contacted, but he also arranged a reporter to meet us. At the release date of October 2010, the media was hit at about the same time, and the server was hit so hard that it was hit. "

Accommodation facility intermediary serviceAirbnbThe turning point for the event was held in Denver in 2008Democratic National Convention (DNC)is. Was a presidential candidate at that timeBarack ObamaThere was a big shortage of accommodations, as the attention was paid to him, and more than four times more people than usual participated in DNC. Airbnb has grown in popularity as it has been spotlighted by media and Democrat supporters who have sought accommodation.

However, the expanded use of Airbnb by DNC lasted for only a week. After that, Airbnb founders Joe Gevia and Brian Chesky will join Obama with Obama.John McCainHe said he continued to manage his breakfast cereal while selling his breakfast cereal designed on his auction site.

◆ 7: Utilize the private community

Product hunt founder Ryan Hooverinterview"When the finished product hunt was completed, I emailed a link to the finished product hunt to the people who helped me to actually use it. We acquired users, and in about a week we had nearly 100 users. "

Q & A sites such as programming technology,Stack OverflowFounders Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood both had a large community of followers of online activity. The two were reluctant to start Stack Overflow with no content, but called on community members to join the beta and made Stack Overflow public with some content.

The 7 methods mentioned above are the methods that the startup application has acquired up to 1000 users. "The tactics for winning the first 1000 users are very different than the tactics for getting 10,000 users," said Latchitzky.

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