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What are the top 5 causes of moyamoya for working women?

The “Woman Career” site of the Persole Career and the “Women's Moyamoya Relief Project for Life Styles and Careers” developed by Digram Lab have recently revealed the results of the “Working Women Moyamoya Survey”. The survey was conducted from August 23 to 25 on the Internet for 3,000 working women between the ages of 22 and 39.

  • Top 5 “Table Moyamoya” (items with many “applicable” responses)

    Top 5 “Table Moyamoya” (items with many “applicable” responses)

In the survey, we first asked about the 51 items of “moyamoya” that I feel worried or anxious at work or private, with a score of 100 out of 100 (the higher the score, the stronger “moyamoya”).

Furthermore, for the 50 items of “Moyamoya” in the six areas of “Private”, “How to live”, “Woman-specific troubles”, “Motivation”, “Work”, and “Children”, the level of applicability is “Fit” to “Not applicable” I was asked to answer. Both answers are subjected to multiple regression analysis, which is a statistical method, to clarify the cause of the "moy degree".

After that, out of the 50 “moyamoya” items, “table moyamoya” was the most frequently answered “applicable” response by simple tabulation, and items that contributed to “moyamoya degree” found by multiple regression analysis were “backy moyamoya”. ".

As a result of the survey, those who answered “Applicable” in “Omohama” were “I want to enrich my private life”, “Choose a private if I choose between work and private”, “I want a more stable life” “I want to send it”, “I am worried about my life after retirement” and “I am worried about whether I can save for the future”.

On the other hand, the top 5 of the real cause “ back moyamoya '' contributing to moyamoya is “ I am worried about future future design (romance / marriage) '' “ I am impatient when I see people around me becoming happy "I feel confident", "I'm not confident that I can continue my current job," "I'm worried about my life after my retirement," and "I'm not working well."

  • TOP 5 (Items that contribute to smokyness)

    TOP 5 (Items that contribute to smokyness)

From the survey, except for “I am worried about my life after my retirement”, “Omo-moya” and “Ura-moya” have different ranking results. There is a discrepancy between the “moyamoya” item that responds to many women working and the cause that contributes to “moyamoya”.

Furthermore, in “Back Moyamoya”, there were two items in the “Work” area that were not ranked in “Omoy Moyamoya”, and it was found that troubles related to work strongly contributed to “Moyamoya”. .

Research analyst Seitaro Kihara (Representative of Digram Labs) analyzes whether it seems that they are starting to have questions about whether they should keep their career, work environment, and private work.

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