What does it mean to wait a moment when a verification code is requested?

Recently, online services that perform "two-step verification" have increased. In addition to ID / password, two-step authentication is a mechanism to confirm the user once again in various ways. Apple ID is also used as the “two-factor authentication”.

In the case of smartphones, two-step authentication is used, taking advantage of the features of mobile phones that only the person carries. When the first-stage sign-in is started for a service that uses 2-step authentication, the service sends a short message (SMS) with a random confirmation code of about 6 digits to the mobile phone number of the person, and correctly If you can enter it, it is estimated that you are the person, and the sign-in success of the second stage.

Since the SMS will be received by the “ Message '' application on the iPhone, when the first stage sign-in is completed, the application is switched to “ Message '' and when the SMS arrives, it is opened and the confirmation code is confirmed, You have to go back to the sign-in screen and enter the code.

“Security code auto-entry” introduced in iOS 12 solves the troublesome work related to two-step verification. If you can receive SMS on an iOS 12 or later iPhone, you will be ready, and the confirmation code will be automatically entered just by waiting in the first sign-in app. Normally, if you wait for about 10 seconds, a notification will appear as soon as you receive an SMS, and immediately after that a confirmation code will be displayed on the software keyboard. The effect is the same as when

If you don't know this function, you will need to switch to the "Messages" app when a confirmation code is requested. When you receive a confirmation code from an application that uses 2-step verification, let's wait until you receive an SMS notification.

  • What does it mean to wait for a verification code?

    If you are asked for a verification code in an app or web browser, wait about 10 seconds

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