What fish can you see the hallucinations of eating LSD when you eat it?


What fish can you see the hallucinations of eating LSD when you eat it?

Widely inhabits the eastern Atlantic and the MediterraneanSalema PorgyIs a normal fish that has neither strange ecology nor strange appearance. However, Salema Porgy has a mysterious feature that when you eat it, you see hallucinations.

(PDF) Hallucinatory Fish Poisoning (Ichthyoallyeinotoxism): Two Case Reports From the Western Mediterranean and Literature Review
(PDF file)

Meet the Hallucinogenic Fish That Can Give You LSD-Esque Nightmares-Atlas Obscura

Eating this fish could give you three days of nasty, LSD-like hallucinations

Salema Porgy is a Thai fish with a wide distribution range to the east coast of the African continent to the south and the waters near the UK to the north. There is only a modest striped pattern that does not seem to be poisonous, in fact it is foil-grilled with rosemary and pepperTraditional mediterranean cuisineIt is also used for food.

by Arthur Harrow

Meanwhile, Salema Porgy, also known as “ dream-born fish '' in Arabic, was used in the Roman Empire as a recreational recreational drug and in Polynesia for religious ceremonies. There is also a history. Also, in modern times, peer-reviewed clinical toxicology journal Clinical Toxicology has seen multiple hallucinogenic symptoms attributed to salema porgy.reportIt has been.

◆ Case 1: 40-year-old man (April 1994)

At the time, a 40-year-old healthy man, who was a company director, went to a resort in France in April 1994.CannesWhile enjoying a vacation at, I ate Salema Porgy baked for dinner. However, two hours after eating, she became nauseous and suffered from symptoms such as visual impairment, muscle weakness, and vomiting until the next day.

While driving a car heading home, his symptoms worsened, and he could not concentrate on driving because he saw the hallucinations of animals snarling and rampaging, and finally, “ a huge arthropod around the car I can't drive because I'm surrounded by an ambulance. " However, no abnormalities were found on examination, and the symptoms had completely recovered 36 hours after eating Salema Porgy. I didn't remember anything about hallucinations.

◆ Case 2: 90-year-old man (March 2002)

A 90-year-old man, who was living a healthy second life despite being older, went to a French resort in March 2002.Saint-TropezBuy salema porgy from fisherman. A man who was accustomed to eating Salema Porgy, but suffered from hallucinations such as "human screams and birds singing" for two days after eating only on this day. A man who was afraid that he had severe mental illness did not tell anyone a hallucination, but three days after the symptoms eased, he said earlier in the fish market that there is a fish that has hallucinations "He recalled that he had contacted health authorities and reported his symptoms.

◆ Case 3: National Geographic photographer Joe Roberts

This case is not an academic analysis unlike the above two cases, but it is well known that a prominent person saw hallucinations at Salema Porgy. Roberts, who had long wanted to experience the hallucinations of Salema Porgy, had a chef prepare a baked Salema Porgy and pumpkin dish. Mr. Roberts who ate the food actually saw hallucinations, but the hallucinations were not so sharp, it was a positive experience without side effects.

Roberts said at that time, "It was like a science fiction world. Like an airplaneControl stick(Sojukan)I saw a flying car that I had never seen before. And I took a picture of a monument celebrating humanity's first space trip. "

These cases were caused by food poisoning caused by eating seafood contaminated with plankton toxins.ShigatellaIs a term that causes hallucinations.ichthyoallyeinotoxismIt is called. Coral reef conservation groupsReef Ball Foundation"This type of food poisoning can cause nervous system damage,LSDCan have the same effect as "." However, he does not know the details.

One theory is that certain algae and phytoplankton are synthesizedIndole alkaloidCausing symptoms similar to LSD has been attributed to the hallucinations of Salema Porgy. In addition, drinks containing hallucinogens, which are taken in South AmericaAyahuascaIs a component ofDimethyltryptamine(DMT)Some have argued that this is the cause. Announced in 2012the studyNow, the MediterraneanPosidonia oceanicaIt is reported that fish eating phytoplankton that grows on seaweed have a high possibility of accumulating high levels of hallucinatory toxins in the internal organs, but the causative substance could not be identified .

The causative agent is unknown, but it has been found that eating the head of Salema Porgy is likely to cause hallucinations. It is also believed that the season in which Salema Porgy was taken was closely related, with a 2012 study reporting that "Autumn" was the most dangerous time. However, the two cases reported in the 2006 study both occur from "spring" to "summer", so there is a range of fluctuations even in the seasons where the danger is high. Mr. Judd commented, "Currently, sufficient research has not been conducted on the fish that cause ichthyoallyeinotoxism, the substances that cause it, and the effects that they have on the human body."

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