What games are born on the crowdfunding site “Fig” specialized in indie games?


What games are born on the crowdfunding site “Fig” specialized in indie games?

Crowdfunding sites that raise funds from an unspecified number of people on the InternetKickstarterAndMakuakeThere are various things such as,Fig"Is a crowdfunding website dedicated to games. In search of a game egg with potential for hits, I looked into the projects registered in Fig.

Fig | Support Independent Developers

Click the above URL to access the top page of Fig. Click "GAMES" from the menu tab to see the registered games.


Click “OPEN ACCESS CAMPAIGNS” to see the projects that are currently seeking support.

At the time of writing, four projects were soliciting support. As a test"Put 'Em Up!"When"Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy"Is what kind of game. Click the thumbnail to open the project page.

Movies and screenshots are published on each project page, and you can see detailed game information. At the time of writing, "Put 'Em Up!" Had reached 2% ($ 117) to reach the target fund ($ 5000). "Put 'Em Up" means "lift your hands" in Japanese.

You can see what kind of game "Put 'Em Up!"

Put 'Em Up! (Animal Heist Simulator)-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

"Put 'Em Up!" Is a game where animals sneak into a bank and rob.

It is a nasty content, contrary to its cute appearance, in which weapons and tools are used, and sometimes people are hit against the glass to secure entry routes like puzzles and rob money.

It is planned that 1 to 4 people will be able to play online and local play.

"Put 'Em Up!" Has two rewards. Both had a "game price discount" and a "name on staff credits". At the time of article creation, the reward of $ 13 (about 1400 yen) was sold out.

Click "ADD TO CART" if you want to support the project.

When the reward selection screen is displayed, select the desired reward. There was also an add-on that offered a discount by purchasing a set of 2 to 4 games. After selecting the reward, click "FINISH AND PAY".

Payment is by credit card or debit card only. Enter your email address, cardholder, and card information and click "PAY $ 15 USD" to complete the payment procedure.

At the time of writing the article was collecting 17,200 dollars (about 1.9 million yen), which is 69% of the target amount. The target amount set for each project is different. alreadySteam"Unexplored"Has become a sequel.

"Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy" also has a movie on YouTube.

Unexplored 2: the Wayfarer's LegacyUpdate Trailer November 2019 (PRE-ALPHA)-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

Called "Staff of Yendor"Cane(Cane)It is a game that travels the world to destroy the character, and if a character dies, it will never survive. However, information about captured quests, dungeons, and defeated enemies will be carried over and affect the next adventure.

For example, if the previous hero captures the quest "Defeat the wolf near the village", the next hero will visit the village and the good items will arrive at the store. However, if the previous hero did not capture the quest, the village would be destroyed, making it difficult for the next hero to proceed with the adventure.

In Fig you can see not only ongoing projects, but also already released games. Click "RELEASED GAMES" from the menu tab.

At the time of article creation, nine types of games were released. As a test"Kingdoms and Castles”To see what kind of game it is.

The project had finished with $ 108,767 (about 11.95 million yen), which is about 725% of the target of $ 15,000 (about 1.65 million yen). It looks like a game with a lot of support.

You can also check what kind of game "Kingdoms and Castles" is in the following movie.

Kingdoms and Castles Preview-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

At first glance, design a citySim CityIt is a game like.

I guess it's a game to build a house and a field and develop a peaceful village into a town ….

A big ship comes and pirates land.

We light the building and wipe away the residents. This is terrible.

“Kingdoms and Castles” is an attraction that develops the city while preparing walls and attacking means to counter threats such as pirates.

Games for which support has been solicited have a purchase link. Click "BUY NOW" if you want to purchase the game.

"Kingdoms and Castles" could be purchased on Steam. Please note that it is necessary to install Steam and register an account separately.

In Fig,Only when the project reaches the target amount is the money given to the developerThe scheme has been taken. If the project fails to reach the target amount, the developer will not receive the support amount. Unfortunately, the games that did not reach the target amount have also been released, giving a glimpse of the difficulty of making games.

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