What happened to the people who were doubled back by Naoki Hanzawa? The radio drama "The Loser's Story" is interesting! Asano branch manager was seconded to Manila…

I've been waiting, I've been waiting forever! I've been waiting for seven years, and the new series of the TV drama "Naoki Hanzawa" will be broadcast.If I get hit, I'll start over, double fold! The words are comfortable to listen to, and the exhilarating feeling of really getting twice or no more than twice as much revenge. A new story will finally begin on July 19, 2020.

Prior to that, a special omnibus will be broadcast for two weeks on July 5th and 12th. Hanzawa uncovered the injustice involving the branch manager in the Osaka West Branch edition on the 5th, but I think many people are wondering what happened to the people who lost to him. ActuallyThe original drama on TBS Radio, showing the defeated people's aftermath.It's Branch manager Asano, who was crying and sitting down in Hanzawa, said that was what happened…

・After Asano et al.

The radio drama has been distributed as "Audio Movie" since February 2020, and you can listen to all of Chapters 1 to 4 for free. The contents are as follows.

Former Tokyo Central Bank Osaka West Branch Tadashi Asano Branch Manager Prequel sequel
Former Tokyo Central Bank Tokyo Headquarters Tadashi Ogiso Deputy Director of Human Resources Department Prequel sequel
Former West Osaka Steel Higashida Mitsuru President Prequel sequel
Financial Services Agency Inspection Bureau Shunichi Kurosaki Chief Inspector Prequel sequel

What an excellent person selection! All of them are the enemies who suffered from Hanzawa, and the losers who were defeated beautifully. In particular, I didn't call Mr. Ogiso's horror to hit the desk with a bang. What happened to them after they were defeated? I am very interested in this.

・The narration is the same as the cast!

Not only this radio drama and settings were borrowed from the TV, but the TV cast also appeared in voice. Asano branch manager is Mikiji Ishimaru, and Deputy General Manager Ogiso is Yasuhito Hikita. President Higashida is Takeshi Ujiji and inspector Kurosaki is Ainosuke Kataoka.

They are playing the voice of the loser. Not only that, the narration is by Motoyo Yamane who was active not only in "Naoki Hanzawa" but also in "Roosevelt Game".

Of course, the radio drama follows the contents of the TV, but with a sense of humor there is a sense of tension in Hanzawa. What is interesting is that Mr. Ishimaru, who is the manager of Asano branch, says ANO dialogue. The other episodes are also excellent. Before the new series starts, I would like you to check the preparations.

Reference source: TBS radio original drama "Naoki Hanzawa The story of the loser] writing:Hidenori Sato

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