What happens if you turn off Smart HDR?

Smart HDR is a “smart” HDR (High Dynamic Range) synthesis function that is installed in iPhone XS and later models. When we talk about HDR, we say that the difference between the brightest and darkest parts (dynamic range) is wide, but smart HDR is a smart HDR function.

Smart HDR can be activated by opening the screen in the order of “Settings” → “Camera” and turning on the “Smart HDR” switch at the bottom. After that, when taking still images with the camera app, HDR photos are created by combining multiple still images taken almost simultaneously. In addition to being able to obtain a wide dynamic range, it can be used in combination with portrait mode, so it is set to on by default.

Improving hardware performance is also essential for talking about smart HDR. In the iPhone XS and later models, the image displayed on the sensor is stored in the buffer while the camera application is running in preparation for processing with Smart HDR and Deep Fusion, and multiple images before and after the moment when the shutter button is tapped. Analyze / synthesize images. This is like a super high-speed fire while changing the exposure, and does not make the user aware of the composition. In addition to high-speed camera sensors, the “Neural Engine” for machine learning installed in SoCs such as A12 Bionic plays a role.

What happens when the Smart HDR switch is turned off, but normal HDR photos can be taken, although automatic judgment is not performed. By tapping the HDR button at the top of the camera app, you can decide at any time whether or not to take an HDR photo. If you want to take a photo with HDR, turn off the smart HDR switch and use the camera app.

  • What happens when `` Smart HDR '' is turned off?

    What if you turn off “ Smart HDR '' on iPhone XS and later models?

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