What is a specialty scientist who has changed the consciousness of the public by fighting directly against the vaccine opposition?


What is a specialty scientist who has changed the consciousness of the public by fighting directly against the vaccine opposition?

ItalianVita Salute San Rafael UniversityVirologist ofRoberto BrioniHe had more than 480,000 followers on Facebook at the time of writing and more than 110,000 followers on Twitter. However, prior to appearing on television in 2016, Brioni was an ordinary college professor who had never appeared in the media. The American academic journal Science summarizes how Brioni became a celebrity.

This Italian scientist has become a celebrity by fighting vaccine skeptics | Science | AAAS

Brioni became famous when he appeared on a talk show in May 2016. In this show, a former DJRed RonnieMr. and actress of TV personalityEleonora BrigliadoriAppeared and used almost all of the airtime to develop anti-vaccine claims. Brioni had been invited to appear to counter the two, but the moderator spoke to Brioni for only a few minutes. In other words, Brioni was called only to make it a mid-horse.

by International Journalism Festival

Brioni, who took very little time to respond based on statistics and science, said briefly: "The earth is round, gasoline burns well, and vaccines are safe and effective. It's a lie. " Brioni's brief rebuttal argues for a television journalist.Alessandro MilanHe received a great response, including being selected as “ the 13 most beautiful words in 2016 on TV '', and the program “ Public TV broadcasts, with no knowledge, appear to make medical claims What's up? "Was flooded with complaints.

Brioni responded to his TV appearance and said on a Facebook page, "The two anti-vaccines played on the home ground and lost to the referee on their side. Thanks to those who send me, and I also want to thank a few people who are commenting on attacks and accusations, because their comments can be deleted immediately by me, It has very little effect on the post, and well, they will relax yourself with Red Ronnie and Brigliadori. " Brioni's post also attracted attention, with over 4,000 likes.

Brioni, who skillfully used SNS and became a famous person on the Internet, started SNS in 2015, one year ago from 2016. An acquaintance of Brioni, who created a Facebook group for mothers of children, asked Brioni to post a note explaining the vaccine. Brioni said at the time, “ Because the anti-vaccine movement was expanding in Italy, I felt it was my duty to act as a physician and university professor, and most importantly, as the father of an 8-year-old daughter. I did. " Brioni worried that her daughter would be bullied at school by publicly opposing anti-vaccines, but eventually took over the vaccine.

Brioni said in a Facebook post that “ promoting vaccines is a conspiracy for pharma companies that make a lot of money from vaccines, '' said “ pharmaceutical companies are more sick than vaccines that prevent them before they happen. I'm getting more benefits from selling cures.If you don't let your children take the vaccine, the pharmaceutical company would rather thank you. " .

The medical community welcomed Brioni, who concisely conveys the safety and need for vaccines in plain language. For example, Guido Silvestri, a professor of infectious disease at the Emory University School of Medicine, described Brioni as "a scientist who was able to get up and speak 'bullshit'."

The medical community in Italy needed a person like Brioni because of a series of medical scandals that reduced trust in medicine. For example, in 1998, British physician Andrew Wakefield said,New triple vaccine(MMR vaccine)Cause autism ", and vaccination has declined worldwide since the publication of the paper.

Recent research has proven that Wakefield's claim is incorrect.

New triple vaccine is shown to be unrelated to autism-gigazine

by Dr. Partha Sarathi Sahana

However, in 2012, the Italian Rimini district court paid the Italian government 174,000 euros (approximately 21.36 million yen) in a trial filed by parents in 2012 claiming that the child had autism due to the MMR vaccine. The order has been issued. At that time, a judge with poor medical knowledge based his judgment on Wakefield's dissertation. The ruling that the Italian government's vaccine caused autism was overturned by a court of appeal in 2015, but the trial has triggered a move to avoid vaccines in Italy.

In 2013, Italian inventor Davide Vannoni did not have any scientific support.Parkinson's diseaseAndMuscular dystrophyClaimed to be effectiveStamina therapyThe Italian government has given a huge grant to the study of the case. Stamina therapy was subsequently banned by law in 2014, and Vannoni was convicted of fraud.

These scandals have left Italians less trusting in healthcare and vaccines, making Italy one of the lowest vaccination countries in Europe,measles(Measles)It is said that the incidence rate of the second highest in Europe. Regarding such Italy, Mr. Brioni states in his book, "Japan is a country that has been wandering forever between science and superstition."

Italy's medical community and the vaccineers favor Brioni, while anti-vaccines rebelled against Brioni. For example, the following image shows a collage of anti-vaccine groups when vaccination of children was required in Italy in 2017. This collage, in which Brioni is bitten by a gag, was kidnapped and murdered by a far-left terrorist organization in 1978Aldo MoroSimilar to the former Prime Minister.

In fact, online threats and killings of Brioni have been made, and some have targeted Brioni's daughter. Also, while Brioni was enjoying a vacation in Rimini's resort with his family, anti-vaccines who found it planned an assault online, which forced the family to evacuate according to police advice. That there was.

From a neutral standpoint, there are voices of concern about Brioni's advocacy of vaccines too concisely. "The one-sided tone of Brioni is polarizing and oversimplifying complex arguments," said science journalist Fabio Turone. According to Turone, less than 1% of all Italians refuse the vaccine firmly, and most unvaccinated people are either cautious about vaccines or simply can't afford to get vaccines It is not just that.

"The anti-vaccines also want to protect their children, so we need a more empathetic approach," said Roberta Villa, a physician and mother of one child.PaternalismThe traditional way doesn't work. "

Nevertheless, it is true that the "Brioni effect", which has changed the Italian public's awareness of vaccines, has dramatically increased vaccination coverage in Italy. In Italy, the measles vaccination rate temporarily dropped to 85.3%, but it has increased to 94.1% since vaccination was mandatory in 2017. It is said that 95% of children need to be vaccinated to prevent the measles epidemic, and the figure of 94.1% is slightly short, but it is still much better than before. Vaccination has become mandatory in France and Germany in 2019, as Italy has successfully increased vaccination coverage.

"I'm sure there are good and destructive aspects to social media, but science has to come up with a new language." It's not jargon, it's easy to understand, passionate and persuasive. "

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