What is Android's "Autofill Service"?

"Auto-fill service" supported by Android OS is a function that supports password input. When using a web service or application that requires login (sign-in), you will be required to enter your user ID and password, but you will not have to enter them using the keyboard.

For the auto-fill service, the function provided by Google is selected by default, and you can call the user ID / password stored in your Google account. If you have logged in to the web browser "Chrome" before, the next time you access it, the candidate for the user ID / password will be displayed in the input form and you can easily select it. If you use the same Google account, you can also use the user ID / password that you have entered on your computer or tablet.

In addition, the autofill service also includes personal information such as postal code, address, phone number, credit card number. Due to the layout of the screen, input forms on websites are often small, and long strings such as addresses tend to overflow, but if you use the automatic input service, you do not have to worry.

You can use the automatic input service not only for websites but also for applications that require login processing. It is limited to apps that support the "Autofill framework" introduced from Android 8, but it is supported by many apps such as Twitter and Facebook.

Google's default auto-fill service is selected, but you can change it. Open the screen in the order of "Settings"-> "System"-> "Language & input"-> "Auto-fill service" (the position of the setting screen will be slightly different depending on the terminal) You can select a password management app.

  • What is Android's "Autofill Service"?

    What is Android's "autofill service"?

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