What is Casio's “CMF design” that gave birth to camouflage pattern metal G-SHOCK?

Have you ever seen the word “CMF design”?
It is a word that means the concept of product design with the initials of Color, Material, and Finish.

Since it was also used for the theme of the Casio New Product Launch in Fall / Winter 2019, there may be people who remember it.
The latest camouflage pattern metal G-SHOCK born from this viewpointGMW-B5000TCM-1JR"" MTG-B1000DCM-1AJR”To hear about Casio ’s CMF strategy.

Actually, “CMF Design” from 10 years ago.

“I think the word“ CMF design ”has generally been heard in the last couple of years, but it has been used for about 10 years in the field of design.”

That's what Mr. Hayato Ikezu from the First Design Planning Department of the Casio Computer Clock Planning Department.

Certainly, the history of G-SHOCK was inseparable from the CMF perspective. Starting with a urethane case for impact-resistant construction, color development that was not possible with conventional watches such as multi-color and metallic color, materials such as skeleton material, mirror dial, and unique design due to technological evolution of the finish attracted attention It was. In addition, new materials such as metal and carbon have been actively used since the introduction of analog models.

Mr. Kazuhito Ushiyama from the Product Planning Department, Watch Planning Supervision Department, also stated:

Mr. Ushiyama“Color, material, and finish are fundamental elements that determine the design of a watch and are inevitable. G-SHOCK, which features toughness and fashionability, is still evolving with technology and expression as it evolves. At this new product launch, we launched CMF design as a new innovation in Casio watches. "

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    Casio Computer Watch Planning and Administration Department First Design Planning Department Hayato Iketsu

  • Casio Computer Kazuto Ushiyama Product Planning Dept.

Where is Casio's intention to adopt words that have been used in the design field as keywords for product development now?

Mr. Iketsu“I think the word“ CMF ”began to be used in the design industry around 2007, when the iPhone was released.
Although the shape is simple, beautiful colors and beautiful mirror finishes, thin pinstripes shining brightly, and so on have started to attract attention. On the other hand, if the shape becomes simple, users will not be able to demonstrate their individuality and personality.

The element called CMF compensates for this. Even if the shape is supported by everyone, I want to insist on myself by wearing a favorite color, graphics, material texture, and touch. I wonder if anyone has such a desire. That's why our creators will deliver new stories from the perspective of CMF in order to meet such needs. ''

-Well, you can understand, you don't understand.

Mr. Iketsu"Now let's explain more concretely.
The rainbow IP released in 2019 was applied to the bezel.MTG-B1000RB“I was also in charge of the design (currently discontinued), but in fact this is technically applying existing technology. By devising how to use, new expressions are born. Moreover, just having novelty and impact is not good.
After all, you have to imagine a scene that you can actually wear on your arm. ''

  • “ MTG-B1000RB '' released in May 2019
    * Currently discontinued

-Speaking of which, the actual Rainbow IP model was much more calm than it was seen in the photo, and it was talked about its deep color.

Two designs that cannot do the same thing.

Mr. Ushiyama“I thought this idea was amazing. Usually, we are trying to supply a stable product as a manufacturer, but due to its characteristics, the Rainbow IP model cannot do the same thing. I dare to think of this product as a personality, and this is also the point of view of the CMF, so I call Iketsu “Mr. CMF”.

Mr. Iketsu“That's pressure (laughs). However, it is also true that we have made many trials and errors. Aged processing with an antique atmosphere is the result. How to find things that other companies have not done. I'm always crushing about that. "

Camouflage G-SHOCK embodying CMF design

And the camouflage pattern metal G-SHOCK that should be called the latest model of CMF design "GMW-B5000TCM-1JR"When" MTG-B1000DCM-1AJRWas released. In the report of the new product launch in Fall / Winter 2019, when these were announced, the author writes: “This is the realization of CMF design!”

reference:Casio Fall / Winter 2019 Watch New Product Presentation, “G-SHOCK Carbon Metal”

Click here for details

  • MT-G series "MTG-B1000DCM-1AJR" (left) and square type titanium model "GMW-B5000TCM-1JR" (right)

The biggest feature of both products is that the case and the band are subjected to a design process called laser duck. The metal case and band are treated with black surface protection, and the camouflage pattern is reproduced by peeling it off with a laser. A small, medium, and small dots are created by striking fine dots with a laser (stripping the protective coating), and the pattern is drawn by expressing the neutral color with the shade. The black-and-white expression is the opposite, but it is the outline of the dots used in newspapers.

The "GMW-B5000TCM-1JR" is based on the "GMW-B5000TB" with a titanium case and band, and a camouflage pattern is applied by removing the DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating.

On the other hand, "MTG-B1000DCM-1AJR" is a camouflage pattern with a black IP treatment applied to the stainless steel part of "MTG-B1000" that employs a SS (stainless steel) and resin composite case and band Is expressed. Although I feel anxious about peeling off the protective film, I am worried because “ I have cleared the shock resistance and wear resistance standards of G-SHOCK properly '' (Mr. Iketsu) It seems useless. By the way, how was this work born?

  • "GMW-B5000TCM" with beautiful finish processing of each part

  • Gold color on the dial. "MTG-B1000DCM-1AJR"

Mr. Iketsu“The full metal square model“ GMW-B5000 ”was very well received, and it was a plan to strengthen the product lineup based on this. So, what about metal materials and camouflage patterns? The camouflage has a high affinity with G-SHOCK, and the reaction from the customer was very good even when it was released as a resin model before. I put various ideas and gave it.

Later, when designing the BABY-G, a thin pattern was engraved with a laser on the dial. At that time, I wanted to use it somewhere with the hint that it seems that I can do a lot with metal materials. ''

The metal material model is expensive for G-SHOCK, so it needs a sense of quality and texture. So, in order to show the beauty of the metal, we arrived at a technique to express the duck pattern with pointillism. But the road from there was never flat.

Mr. Iketsu“If you just carved a duck pattern with a laser, it looks flatter than you thought. So, I finished the top of the bezel with a mirror surface and laser-cut the dot here. I realized that the camouflage pattern looks three-dimensional because it is very deep, but if you mirror the entire watch, it will be glaring and disgusting. I adjusted the tone while changing the finish.

As a result of pursuing the design,

“Do not shine laser light only on that part”

Another difficulty was the circular dent in the lug part of the GMW-B5000. This part does not face directly above, so the laser beam does not strike directly. I tried various things, such as changing the position and orientation of the watch, but it was absolutely impossible. Therefore, the final conclusion was "do not shine the laser beam only on that part". The engineer programmed the laser processing machine so that the laser beam would not hit only the dent. Alignment was hard, but thanks to it we were able to finish with great accuracy. ''

  • If you set the watch face up, the laser beam will not hit the dent in the lug.

  • Pay attention to the photo below. A laser that hits the edge of the dent will draw a line, not a point.
    The above photo shows the state where the laser light is not applied in the program.

  • The letters on the bezel have been adjusted so that the button labels do not overlap as much as possible. In this way, every detail is taken into consideration.

“GMW-B5000TCM-1JR” and “MTG-B1000DCM-1AJR” are still very particular. A band.
When a band is packed, in a model with a continuous pattern like this work, the continuity is interrupted.

Mr. Iketsu“Naturally speaking, it's natural. But I thought that would be disliked by customers, so the tops of the bands of these two models are unique patterns up to the middle, but after that it seems to be composed of a series of the same patterns. I did it. ''

Mr. Ushiyama“In fact, this is further considered, and even if the frame is removed to adjust the band, the pattern will be continuous (the pattern will be connected).”

  • Can you see that the camouflage of the band is continuous?

  • Camouflage pattern is connected even if this part is rearranged freely

Mr. Iketsu“For example, assume that the A and B frames are connected to ABABABAB at the time of shipment. Even if they are connected to AABBAABB, the duck pattern is connected beautifully. The upper band of the case is all A, the lower band is all B, etc. Of course, the design does not make the pattern monotonous if the A and B are interwoven. I think it ’s good. ”

  • Explains that the duck pattern can be connected even if it is recombined for the reason of the continuous pattern part as well as the band frame packing.
    This is a new CMF design!

  • Confident work of “Mr. CMF”!

CMF design that can handle diversification of users.

User preferences are diversifying. People who like the outdoors and natural scenes, people who like street culture and sports, people who choose a simple minimal design, etc … As a watch loved by many people and many personalities, G-SHOCK will expand its field of defense more and more. Keep an eye on Casio's future CMF design.

  • "Please look forward to Casio's CMF design!"

(PR) Provided by: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

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