What is "improvement for the rich man" to do in the 30s?

Here are four ideas that I want to acquire in my thirties in order to be rich, based on my dogmaticism and prejudice.

◆ 1. To be rich, shift from savings-oriented thinking to increased sales
Savings because of the recession can lead to a habit of conserving life, and a life where you can sting out important things. Along with the reduced balance of life, it will also be reduced to the idea. That is, a shrinking balance of life!

In order to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to push the idea of ​​“how to increase income” at the same time as savings.

But this is called Shindoi. It's easy to say, "Please save another 10,000 yen per month", but how many people can say that when you say "how to raise your monthly income another 10,000 yen"?

Thinking about this method that is difficult to answer is the point of "increase in revenue".

◆ 2. How to use money to buy experience over things
When you buy something, no matter what you buy, the benefits you receive are not so different from person to person. For example, if you buy an oven toaster, anyone can bake bread and gratin. If you buy a smartphone, you can use email, phone calls and the Internet.

But experience depends on what you get. Things become garbage when they get old, but experience combines with other experiences that come later, causing chemical reactions and new wisdom. This is a valuable property that cannot be taken away by others.

I think that I have everything in my 30s, so I want to spend money on "experience" instead of riding on product marketing for companies.

◆ 3. Judge all expenses from an investment perspective
To pay is to get a return on something. So let's judge all expenses from an investment perspective.

The question is, "Do you spend your limited money on what is really important to you now?" And "What is the return on your spending?"

Then, instead of "buy what you want", it becomes "buy what you need".

If you are able to do this, be conscious of "buying something that can make a difference."

◆ 4. Discard your common sense when thinking about children's education
If you are in your late 30s, you will be in a position to think about your child's education costs.

For example, surrounding mothers are busy running their children into private schools. When I see such a figure, I feel impatient that I have to do something. Spending huge educational expenses on children.

But let's stop a moment and think. What happens when I take the exam? Good private schools are not as devastated as some public schools, and can prevent the negative effects on children.

I'm well influenced because I'm studying. And you can go to the top universities and find a good company. But is this true?

Is compulsory education in Japan worthwhile in the first place? Can you imagine any other world? Is there a good public school? Is there a way to jump over the school district? Are top universities really good?

There are some rural areas where all classes are in English but the deviation is 50 units. Universities outside Japan are also options.

For example, a university in Malaysia has a credit transfer system with a university in the UK, so you can go to the world through a university or graduate school in the UK. And tuition is less than half of Japan.

In the first place, the age when parents live is different from the age when children live. Children have to survive even after their parents have left this world.

At that time, what should be left and communicated to the child? And when you think so, is it really appropriate to have your child go to a cram school and take the exam?

In order to be rich, it is necessary not only to educate children but also to question common sense.

Text = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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