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What is Insta360 ONE R, an action cam with interchangeable lenses? -Engadget Japan Version

Engadget Japan YouTube ChannelThan.

Insta360's new camera “Insta360 ONE R” announced in line with CES2020.
It has attracted a great deal of attention because it is an action cam system that can replace lenses. [/ embed]Three types of lenses can be exchanged: a 360-degree shooting lens, a standard wide-angle lens capable of 4K shooting, and a wide-angle lens with a 1-inch sensor capable of 5.3K shooting [5312×2988] jointly developed with Leica. .

The price is 39,600 yen for the 4K version that comes with the standard lens only. A twin version of a 360-degree shooting lens and a standard wide-angle lens costs 59,400 yen. A wide-angle lens version with a 1-inch sensor costs 68,200 yen. All include tax.

I borrowed a trial version of a twin version with a 4K wide-angle lens and a 360 degree lens set, but finally the software surroundings can be operated stably, so I will deliver videos mainly on operation screens and examples To do.

There is a touch LCD monitor at the core of the camera, where most operations can be performed. This time, I explained on the screen of the 4K wide-angle module. If you switch to the 360-degree module, the resolution and shooting mode will of course change, but the basic operation is the same. In 360-degree mode, it is also possible to rotate and display the screen. [/ embed]When actually shooting, the powerful image stabilization function “FlowState Stabilization,” which has been well-established with conventional Insta360 products, has been further evolved to enable stable shooting. When moving in a narrow space surrounded by a little evil surroundings, vertical movement is a bit of a concern, but it will be almost no problem for ordinary use.

What I really want is a 1-inch version, a separate 360-degree lens that comes with the drone module, and a 3D module that allows you to shoot VR180.

However, I felt annoying to change and use the module a bit like this time … Remove the battery from the mount, remove the battery, replace the module, install the battery, and then return to the mount … This is completely different from lens replacement for SLR cameras etc.

The accessory "Large-capacity battery base" scheduled to be released in February comes with a mount, so you can save a lot of time on replacing modules.

Anyway, I'm happy to be able to carry various shooting equipment compactly.



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