What is Masai's “tanning measures”? Masai News: No. 347

spa! This month, three more times this time. The Maasai Newsletter is currently being acclaimed. Well, this time, this year,Request boxAnswer the question that arrived at The questioner is "Suama". Umm……

"I think the Maasai people are often exposed to the strong sunshine outside, but what are your sunburn countermeasures? In the case of City Maasai, do you wear sunglasses or something? "

Hahaaaaaaa! Good question. According to Sawa, who asked a similar question,In Japan, even men apply sun cream" Alright, let's answer together. The Maasai …

No sunburn measures!

That's more. I don't wear sunglasses as a sunburn countermeasure. This is the same not only for men but also for women. Speaking of what you do for "tanning" …

Drink water often.

──This is it. Drink water to cool your body. Or go in the shade and cool down. Speaking of doing something about the sunshine, I guess so much. Is Japan still winter?This is summer now. Ah!That's it, Oreseri!

Report:Luke [Masai]

Super translation:GO Hatori

Photo: RocketNews24.

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