What is "My Network" displayed on the Wi-Fi settings screen?

When I tried to set up Wi-Fi on my iPhone, wasn't it strange that there was an item called “My Network” on the screen? This item was added in iOS 13, It means "Fi access point".

In iOS 13, the configuration of the “Settings” → “Wi-Fi” screen has been revised. The switch that activates / deactivates Wi-Fi at the top of the screen, and the connected Wi-Fi access point appear below it, but it is the same as before. -If a Fi access point is detected, its name (SSID) is displayed in the "My Network" field.

The Wi-Fi access point displayed in the “My Network” field not only means that you ’ve connected, but that password is stored on your iPhone. You can literally use it as a “my network” that you can switch to the Wi-Fi access point that you are connected to just by tapping. The chances of accidentally tapping a neighboring Wi-Fi access point should be significantly less.

If you delete the Wi-Fi access point settings that are displayed in My Network Places, the Wi-Fi access point that has no connection experience displayed in the “ Network '' column below it (the password is not saved on the iPhone) and It will be the same treatment.

By the way, Wi-Fi access points that have never been connected but can be connected are displayed in the "Public network" column. Wi-Fi access points with no connection experience, in other words, passwords are not saved, are often installed in public spaces such as stations and airports, and will appear if you display the Wi-Fi setting screen in the vicinity.

  • What is "My Network" displayed on the Wi-Fi settings screen?

    Wi-Fi access points with connection experience and passwords stored on the iPhone are displayed in the "My Network" column.

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