What is "screen gaze recognition function"?

According to Super Daijibayashi, which is standard on the iPhone, gaze is "watch carefully." Screen gaze means "looking at the screen carefully", and its recognition system is equipped on the iPhone … It's no wonder if you can understand it, but what is it useful for? .

The screen gaze recognition function uses the "TrueDepth camera" installed on iPhone X or later to recognize the presence or absence of gaze. The TrueDepth camera looks at the eyes of the person holding the iPhone to see if they are conscious of the iPhone screen.

A specific application is to determine whether to automatically lower the display brightness. If you are not gazing, lower the brightness to save power, and if you are gazing, maintain the same state. The volume of the sound effect when a notification arrives should be low when the user is gazing, and louder when the user is not watching to attract the owner. The ring tone for incoming calls also changes depending on whether you are watching.

This screen gaze function can be turned on / off with the “Screen gaze recognition function” switch on the “Settings” → “Face ID and passcode” screen. The "Gaze required to use Face ID" switch above is based on screen gaze when unlocking / identifying with Face ID, and the operation itself is independent of the screen gaze recognition function .

The screen gaze recognition function is a related function of Face ID, but it can be used even if the owner's appearance is not registered. Therefore, it works even if a part of the face is covered by wearing a mask. TrueDepth cameras use infrared light, so you can check the screen gaze even when wearing sunglasses.

  • What is the "screen gaze recognition function"?

    What is the screen gaze recognition function useful for?

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