What is the average life insurance coverage?

◆ How much death protection do other people have? Check with average data
Insurance that many people take out for the time of Isa. For various risks, not only for death or severe disability, but also for hospitalization or nursing care due to illness or injury, and for pensions for retirement life … Insurance is used.

Since the risk is high for each person, it cannot be said unconditionally that "how much insurance should this be?" But I'm worried about what kind of insurance other people have. Also, when thinking about your own insurance, the average data will be helpful.

So, let me introduce the average picture of insurance coverage in Japan. This time, we will use the data from the “Nationwide Survey on Life Insurance [2018]” surveyed by the “Life Insurance Cultural Center” to look at data on death insurance.

◆ Life insurance participation rate of households: 88.7%, death protection for head of household: average 14.06 million yen
First, let's look at the life insurance coverage. The life insurance household participation rate is 88.7%, and nearly 90% of households have taken out life insurance [including private life insurance, Japan Post Insurance, Simple Insurance, JA, Prefectural Mutual Aid, Co-op, etc.]. Japan is said to be a major life insurance country, but the results are exactly the same.

Next, let's look at the amount of death insurance. The average amount of ordinary death insurance for the head of household is 14.06 million yen. This insurance amount is decreasing year by year. In 2003, there were 23.13 million yen, and in 2006 it was 20.46 million yen. In the 2009 survey, it was below 17.768 million yen and 20 million yen, and it has fallen further this year to 150.9 million yen.

◆ By age: 21.89 million yen for 35-39 years of age peaks in security
<Health owner's ordinary death insurance [by age of head of household]> [1] Looking at household head's ordinary death insurance by age of head of household, it was about 20 million yen during the active era. "2018 National Survey on Life Insurance [Life Insurance Cultural Center]"
The table shows household head general death benefits by age. In the 20s, it is 17.66 million yen, exceeding the overall average. As a member of society, I can see that I have a solid insurance policy.

21.89 million yen aged 35 to 39 is the highest among all ages. At this time, the child is growing up, but it still takes time to become independent. With the income of the head of the household increasing to some extent, you can expect the risk of death for the head of the household to increase.

◆ By life stage: Death security declines with child growth
<Health owner's ordinary death insurance [by life stage]> [1] Looking at household owner's death insurance by life stage, the peak is when the youngest is an infant. At the end of school at the youngest child, the insurance amount fell by about 10 million yen. Child growth and insurance coverage are closely related. "2018 National Survey on Life Insurance [Life Insurance Cultural Center]"
Next, let's look at death insurance by life stage. The highest peak is when the youngest is an infant, at 22.30 million yen. In addition, the price is 16.16 million yen only for couples [under 40 years old], so you can see that the child increased the insurance payment at the timing of birth.

In addition, the amount of insurance goes down as the child grows. As the amount of security required for a child to become independent decreases, so does the amount of insurance money. When the youngest child finishes school, the amount is reduced by nearly 10 million yen at a stretch.

After retirement, there is about 6 million yen death protection. I think that the funeral fee is due to the fact that many people have insurance for life and insurance, but it seems that they have quite expensive insurance.

◆ By occupation: 19.35 million yen for salaried workers, 16.77 million yen for self-employment
<Householder's ordinary death insurance [by occupation of householder]> [1] The number of employees [full-time employees] has increased to 19.35 million yen. Among them, managers are as high as 20.58 million yen. In addition, freelancers have the highest insurance money of 2.382 million yen. "2018 National Survey on Life Insurance [Life Insurance Cultural Center]"
Next, let's look at death insurance by occupation of the head of household. The average for workers is 17.35 million yen, which is higher than the overall average of 14.06 million yen. Among them, the self-employed person is 16.77 million yen, and the salaryman [full-time employee] is 19.35 million yen.

When thinking about death security, it is a wasteful method to first consider the public benefits and make up for the missing parts with insurance money. Self-employed survivors have few pensions. So, originally, self-employed people want to join a little more.

In addition, the low insurance coverage of non-regular employees such as temporary staff and part-time workers is also noticeable. In each case, it is around 7 million yen. At this level, the beneficiary's pension will not be as expected as self-employment. You may have to think about the security you really need without being distracted by the immediate payment.

◆ By annual income: Annual income and insurance amount are proportional
<House owner's ordinary death insurance [by household owner's annual income]> [1] Annual income and insurance money are in direct proportion. "2018 National Survey on Life Insurance [Life Insurance Cultural Center]"
So what if you look at the householder's annual income? Looking at the table, annual income and insurance money are almost proportional. For households under 3 million yen, living expenses occupy a large part of the household budget, and it may be difficult to pass money on insurance. The required living expenses for the bereaved will also be proportional to the annual income.

However, many families with high incomes should have a lot of savings. Conversely, it is not unusual for a living with little income and little savings. In fact, it is the only place where such income and savings are required for family members who want to have good insurance.

◆ Considering the amount of security required for each household
I looked at the death insurance of the head of the household, and it was almost ideal where the insurance premiums changed by life stage. However, according to occupation, shouldn't self-employed people or those with low incomes join a little more? Was the result.

In fact, the amount of security required for each family will vary. The amount of insurance you need to enter is also different, so please consider yourself.

Sentence = Yuki Fukuichi [money guide]
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