What is the difference between "how to interact with SNS" between the poor and the rich?

◆ How to use the money
I feel that there is a difference in how to use SNS between those who are blessed and those who are not. Rich people use SNS this way.

-Quickly contact nearby people: let's meet together next time!
・ Send information to help others: this blog is interesting!
・ Catch the information you need quickly: what information does other people have?
・ Creating a community that can create empathy: Please comment on this theme

◆ Take care of your SNS purpose and your time
Rich people use SNS to make the most of their time or to maintain their emotions and information at a high level.

There are no people who use their smartphones because they have a purpose and open their smartphones because they are free. Use it for the work you need when you need it. Otherwise, don't use and don't see.

Some rich people do not have smartphones. No, it's not that I'm not good at machine onset or IT.

If you go to your desk, you can use your computer and tablet quite easily. It is convenient because you can hit the keyboard with both hands.

That's why you don't feel that it takes too much time to touch a small screen with one hand. One minute and one second are important.

People who are rich like this have carefully selected opportunities to use both SNS and smartphones. Because they value their time most.

◆ How to use disadvantaged people
On the other hand, the following usages are not rich, but may be common.

・ Sending yourself to show off your presence: This is a luxury
・ Dissemination of negative information that seeks salvation to someone: I am so unlucky ~
・ Disseminating harmful information, such as attacking or criticizing others: I can't allow you to speak!
・ Comfortable way to make yourself confused: I only have such fun ~

It has been reported that recent criminals have left traces of crimes on SNS. The unsatisfied person may be getting a little pleasure by using SNS to ask for self-approval.

SNS has the potential to fall into addictive uses such as drugs. How to use it requires voluntary standards and a sense of purpose.

◆ Are you using it? Are they used?
Not only SNS, but things and tools are everywhere in the world today. If you can master it, your heart and your life will be enriched, but unfortunately, unfortunately, many people are using things and tools, and you lose your mind.

I just get busy every day and I don't feel the richness of my heart. Here is an example of what we humans use, and in fact they are used.

・ Hazardous foods such as alcohol, tobacco, sugar, fat, etc.
・ Cars that make people inactive
・ Television that hurts free time

We hope that your smartphone or computer will not take away your "time to think".

Sentence = Kunihiro Kitagawa [money guide]
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