What is the difference between the built-in “ dictionary '' and “ user dictionary '' of the iPhone?

"Dictionary," a tool for checking unknown words and words whose understanding is ambiguous, is standard on iPhone. In addition to the Japanese language dictionary that examines Japanese, there are many other words, such as an English-Japanese dictionary that explains the meaning, pronunciation, and usage of English words in Japanese, and a Japanese-English dictionary to understand English in Japanese. Dictionaries of all types are provided free of charge.

To use those dictionaries (built-in dictionaries), select (specify the range of) the phrase you want to look up in the application such as Safari, mail, memo, etc., tap "Search" on the menu bar that appears, and the description of the phrase Is displayed. In the case of Japanese, it has almost the same data as a commercially available electronic dictionary called "Super Daijirin", which has a long track record, and has the advantage that there is no traffic since it is not connected to the Internet. If you open the screen in the order of "Settings" → "General" → "Dictionary", you can select the dictionary to use.

Another thing is that there is a “user dictionary” on the iPhone. This dictionary is for registering a word (it is likely to be used again for input) even if it is a dictionary.Rather than registering a word and its meaning pair, register a word and its yogigana pair, Use when Unlike the built-in dictionary mentioned above, it is not a tool for checking the meaning, but as an auxiliary function to streamline input work.

However, the procedure for registering in the user dictionary is the same as when searching for words and phrases in the built-in dictionary. Select the words you want to register in the user dictionary (such as kanji idioms), tap "Dictionary" on the menu bar, and enter the words and phrases in the screen that appears. Registration in the user dictionary is complete.

  • How is the "dictionary" built into the iPhone different from the "user dictionary"?

    "Dictionary" and "user dictionary" are similar but different, but the usage is the same up to the middle

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