What is the identity of the mysterious classic car sleeping in the barn? │ Years and years of thick dust on the roof

Sometimes you can see a valuable car quietly sleeping in a barn. In English, it is literally called "Barn Find Condition". If you are not exposed to the rain and wind, the body will not be damaged much, but if possible, I would like to restore and recreate it so that you can drive like a car. We, Octane, Japan editorial department, heard the information about the non-moving car and visited the mountain in Kobe.

The Rokko Mountains overlooking the port city of Kobe. A huge gate appeared at the end of the mountain, winding up in the mountains of Shin-Kobe where "Nunobiki no Taki", one of Japan's three major waterfalls, which was selected as one of the 100 best waters. The gentleman who lives there is a car lover, and he has several rare classic cars in his kitchen. The engine noise and the laughter of grown-ups, who resonate with the childhood, resonate in the quietly quiet forest. When I visited a garage or barn in the distance, cars that I wouldn't see everyday were lined up neatly in an empty place where people couldn't feel the signs.

The Jensen interceptor was housed in a garage covered in bamboo with a Japanese atmosphere. Despite being a British luxury GT, it is a heretic mixed-breeder with a Chrysler V8 unit in the heart, Italy for body design and panel production, and Jensen for assembly.

The Interceptor produced for 10 years from 1966 was imported by Cornes & Co. in Japan at the time of the new car, but it is unlikely that a large number of it exists in Japan. The silver car body, which the owner gentleman bought in 1972 for a two-year-old item, is in very good condition, and the condition of the interior and exterior is perfect. The engine gives a light roar when it starts. Another white garage, an interceptor with a white body, was covered and stored in the garage next door. I wonder if this part will be removed in the future, it seems that I have never moved it since I came to hand. ‥

On the other hand, the silver-series III, which has been preserved dynamically, has been a rare favorite that has been owned without getting tired. Of course, the hardcore enthusiast, his past car journey is a daunting task, but it is only this interceptor that he still has the most attachment to and can't let go of. From now on, it will be loved to oneself without anyone's hand.

By the way, it is said that there is a mysterious classic car in the barn that the owner gentleman has been worrying about for many years but has not touched. The barn used to be a stage for Noh in the olden days, and it is a luxurious building covered with strict doors. It is now a cluttered storage room, and household items that are no longer needed were piled up. In the depths behind it, I saw a large, dark, shining body as I proceeded through the luggage. It has been stored for about 30 years without being moved, so the dust accumulated on the roof is impressive. Western auctions will be highly evaluated as evidence of warehousing.

When I checked it from the chassis number, it was found to be the W136 type Mercedes-Benz 170S. From 1936 to 1955, it was a model produced before and after World War II, and the structure of steel plates on the timber frame gives an impression of the time when it was born. According to the owner gentleman, this car body seems to have been acquired by a predecessor from a broker around 1970 and run as a commercial car of the company, and it was a production car until it fit in this barn.

If you look into the engine room, you can see that it is a diesel car. However, we haven't seen many interview teams, and we are very interested. On the other hand, it's really doubtful if you understand the value. It would be a great thing if we could realize a plan to restore the Heisei Road as a production vehicle through restoration and other efforts while pursuing that history. However, only the delusion has swollen.

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