What is the meaning of the 956 hanging upside down on the "speed" ceiling that Porsche wants?

The core theme of "speed", which Porsche has established as its basic philosophy, is aerodynamics and machine operability. No matter how high the engine's performance, Ferry Porsche thought that if he could not control it, it would be a treasure treasure, so he decided to pursue high operability, improved aerodynamics and the high speed obtained from it at the same time. .

Aerodynamics is a key factor in high-speed driving. The Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Coupe, born in 1973, is a good example. This model has a characteristic rear spoiler, achieves a top speed of 240 km / h, and was called the fastest road car in Germany.

The benchmark for speed in racing sports is at Le Mans 24 Hours. Only a rugged car with a great top speed can win this race. Longer eunudiere straights require higher top speeds than other races. Porsche has won several class champions at Le Mans for a total of 16 overall championships, thanks to legendary machines with high aerodynamic technology.

The record of setting a course record in Porsche 917 KH with a mileage of 5335 km and an average speed of 222 km / h in 1971 has not been broken to date. The Porsche 956 is also a symbol of this "speed". With a top speed of 321.4 km / h, the model is said to be hanging upside down at the Porsche Museum to show that it can theoretically fly away with downforce.

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