What is the MOD “Randomizer” that creates new discoveries and adventures in retro games played in the past?


What is the MOD “Randomizer” that creates new discoveries and adventures in retro games played in the past?

In the old game that was played so much as to memorize, the adventure and the joy of discovery as if playing for the first time is called "Randomizer"MODThe efforts to add in are active. From randomizer to change and popularization of gamesArs TechnicaSays Scott White.

How “randomizers” are breathing new life into old games | Ars Technica

The most basic randomizer was introduced in 1991.The Legend of Zelda The Tri-force of the GodsUsed for "." Randomizers change the position of items hidden in the game and rewards from dungeon quests. You can also change the look of the link with options created by many fans.

The following image shows the appearance of the link in the legend of ZeldaRockman X seriesAppear inXChanged to.

It was a randomizer that started in a small community, but has evolved as part of the genre of retro games at the time of writing. In 2016List of video game randomizersHas been created and you can get hundreds of randomizers and mods for games.Metroid,Golden sun,Mother2,Fazanadu,Adventure island,DOOMThe randomizer for various titles has been updated.

Shuffle where items can be found and changes in skills and abilities are fairly standard randomizers. There are also randomizers that change the items that are found, or that completely change the way the game is played. As one of the special randomizers, there are things that combine two games and have to progress both in one play.

For example,Super metroidAnd the legend of Zelda, the randomizer that mixes the gods ’Triforce.ZebesWhenHailarA special thing to adventure while moving between the worlds. An uncle who originally entrusted a sword and shield to the linkHigh jump bootsOr is the cave of SeebesNorfairA chaos world is being built with master swords in hand.

“Randomizer offers unlimited possibilities for games that are old and fresh,” White says. In games remodeled by randomizer, deep knowledge of the base game before using MOD is useful, for example, you encounter a scene where you fight against a strong enemy with poorer equipment than normal play, and you can increase physical strength with a single shot Even if it is cut off, it will be possible to advance the game by making full use of the special skills of party members and considering detours.

Randomizers seem to have spread and disseminated mostly from video distribution, such as live gameplay in the past 1-2 years. Personal distributors,Awesome Games Done Quick,RPG Limit BreakRandomizers are spreading in various ways such as large-scale charity streaming events.

Tournaments and races using randomizers have become a staple in the randomizer community,ChallongeTournament events likeSpeedRunsLive,SpeedGamingMany large-scale events have been held by many organizers. The SpeedGaming live event was held in October 2019 for the first time with a randomizer-based game tournament with a prize of $ 3,000 (about 300,000 yen). In SpeedRunsLive, races with multiple randomizers are always held, and more than 100 players participated in the largest community of legends of Zelda, the Triforce Randomizer Tournament.

White said, “There is a strong nostalgia for the game, and the randomizer will not completely replace the experience we have gained in the game we love,” he said. Developers, event organizers and viewers all agree that the growing randomizer will bring new life to the old game, and the technology to play the old game again and make a new adventure every time is the original It will recreate the wonder and discovery of the first time you play the game. "

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