What is the opposite relationship between "technology" and "magic" in many creations?


What is the opposite relationship between "technology" and "magic" in many creations?

by Greg Tsai

Supported by machine civilization and sciencetechnology"And the supernatural and unscientific"magicIs depicted as a conflicting entity in many creations. Anthropos Games, a board game designer group, explains the relationship between technology and magic.

Magic and Technology – Anthropos Games

According to Anthropos Games, traditional Western thinking treats technology and magic as conflicting. Technology is a manifestation of the mechanized world, facts, logic and objectivity, while magic is a manifestation of human will, creativity, mother nature and subjectivity. This binary opposition is commonplace for westerners, but also states that it is part of historical development

“ The birth of modern science fiction in Europe and the United States is tied to the industrial revolution, '' Anthropos Games argues, claiming that industrial technology spread at a stretch in Europe, from which the dualism of “ nature '' vs. “ technology '' took root . For example,Mary ShelleyResponded to the rapid social change that had swept Europe in the first half of the 19th century,FrankensteinIt is said to have written.

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Also,"Ring storyJ.R.R.Tolkien and "Narnia StoryMany authors, including C.S.Lewis, the author of the book, continued to write and write fantasy literature, but apparently treated technology as a universal "bad guy"William Gibsonof"New RomancerAnthropos Games has pointed out that many science fiction novels and science fiction movies of the 20th century follow the pattern of "technology = evil".

"2001 Space JourneyAs if the computer HAL 9000 was suspended by human astronaut David Bowman, or "the AvengersIt seems that mechanical and technical things tend to appear as villains in the villain, and it is not Iron Man that ultimately saves the predicament of mankind is Tony Stark who learned the human lesson of self-sacrifice In addition, Anthropos Games claims that the victory at the end of the story is the human heart, the human will, and the indomitable spirit of the human. In other words, Anthropos Games points out that in modern science fiction, humans are often treated as something extraordinary and special, unlike other races in the universe.

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Also called the father of American science fictionIsaac AsimovPointed out that between Mary Shelley and William Gibson, there was a moment when modernism was born that perceived that “ machines are perfect and humans are imperfect creatures that cannot live without them. '' I am. Anthropos Games argues that the machines in Asimov's sci-fi novels are not traditional villains, but they still represent a counterpart to human imperfection.

Anthropos Games commented, "The work that departed most from the traditional form of the binary conflict between magic and technology was the co-author of The 2001 Space Journey,End of childhoodArthur C. ClarkNevertheless, he said that technology is still treated as "unnatural and inhuman" and it is said that it is not a natural substitute for humans but must be suppressed. I am.

On the other hand, magic and technology are not treated as conflicting in Japan, Anthropos Games points out. In Japan, humans are treated differently than nature, and technology is a form of magic, and vice versa.

For example, Square Enix's classic RPG “Final Fantasy” series often treats magic and technology at about the same level. Also, when watching a Japanese horror movie,ring"Or"One Missed CallThere are many things that combine technology and magic.

by Bryan Ochalla

Anthropos Games is an animation movie directed by Hayao MiyazakiPrincess MononokeHas also been accepted in the United States and Europe because it portrays technology and magic as opposed to traditional Japanese creative styles. Anthropos Games said that the relationship between technology and magic that is different from the West is unique to Japanese science fiction and may not have required the understanding or philosophy of the relationship between the two.

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