What is the psychological "crab brain" that cannot help but pull a person's feet?


What is the psychological "crab brain" that cannot help but pull a person's feet?

"Crab mentality (crab brain)An anecdote that “ If you put some living crabs in the bucket, the other crab pulls the crab's legs that were about to escape from the bucket first and can not escape any crabs after all, '' It is like the psychology that pulls people's feet. Several researchers and writers are discussing how to escape from such a “crab brain”.

What does crab mentality mean?

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We are better than crabs, Stop crab mentality!

The word "crab brain" was first mentioned by a Filipino writerNinotchka RoscaHe said that it is a famous phrase in the Philippines as accurately expressing the bad temperament of Filipinos that “ I do not want others to get what I can not get '' . Nevertheless, "Outgoing stake is struck"And what is the worst thing about living in the UK?threadAnd the "crab brain"The person who answersBecause of this, it can be said that people of any country are not unrelated to the psychology of envy of others.

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Sam Wolf, a freelance writer based in London, UK, is one of the British who has suffered from his own "crab brain." "It's bitter when you see someone being praised, making new friends, getting a new job, or having a unique and wonderful experience," said Wolf. In particular, that friend can react the same way to a friend. "

According to Mr Wolff, the “ crab brain '' is born from various factors such as jealousy, shame, malice, anxiety, low self-esteem, self-criticism, competitiveness, but the most significant cause is “ someone's success or Is happiness somehow absorbing the joys of my life? " If he gets caught up in this idea, he will always compare himself with a person who is better, better, and lucky, and will end up complaining at the end.

"Even if you feel good when you pull your feet, it's just a moment." Regarding how to get out of the "crab brain", "If you do not think about it and try to celebrate the success and happiness of people without giving up, you can improve your inspiration and motivation and use it as a source of growth "

Others have called for the importance of education and mental maturity. Celine Bonus, a resident of the Philippines who claims "Stop the crab brain!" On the online signing site, states, "The Philippines is a developing country where half of its population is not well educated. We don't have the training to live in a coordinated way, and we need some level of education and spirit to rethink and change our culture and customs. "

"Even if an employee strives to make a difference, the result of someone else's result is due to the 'crab brain'," says a business college in Manila.Ramon V. del Rosario College of BusinessNoellen DelosSantos, a Masters student in

In organizations where seniority and bureaucratic practices dominate, DelosSantos noted that one-sided evaluation of bosses andtop downBecause the decision-making process of the company speaks out, the value and results of work are not properly evaluated, and eventually the organization will pull like a crab. So, "We will collect opinions from below and put them togetherBottom upBy adopting the method, employees are more interested in and motivated to work, and a corporate culture that grows with each other, rather than withdrawing, "said DelosSantos.

Victorino Q. Abrugar, a writer of the site that sends information about the Philippines, is an ancient Roman playwright who says “ where there is unity there is victory ''Publius SilsQuote, saying, "Perhaps the most effective silver bullet in 'the crab brain' is unity. You should understand that helping people can help themselves." He said that the spirit of nothing was important to escape from the “crab brain”.

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