What is the result of scientifically pursuing "the maximum number of hot dogs that humans can eat in 10 minutes"?


What is the result of scientifically pursuing "the maximum number of hot dogs that humans can eat in 10 minutes"?

by Tanya Yule

Held in New York, USA on July 4, 2020Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating ChampionshipSo, Miki Sudo, who lives in Las Vegas, said that he wanted 48.5 pieces in 10 minutes and won the women's section of the fast eating tournament for seven consecutive years.Set new recordDid. Researchers at High Point University said about eating hot dogs, which is a popular event in the United States.Maximum number of hot dogs that humans can eat within 10 minutesWas calculated using a computer model.

Modeling the maximal active consumption rate and its plasticity in humans–perspectives from hot dog eating competitions | Biology Letters

Estimating the maximum number of hot dogs that can possibly be eaten in 10 minutes

James Smoliga, a physiotherapist at High Point University who is studying the limits of humans in sports such as running and long jumping, said “Participating in the competition while watching the video of the 2019 Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Championship. How much can anyone eat hot dogs?" he wondered.

by Michael McDonough

To answer this question, Smoliga used the same computer model he uses to predict human limits in other sports. I then entered and analyzed all the records from the last 39 years of competition.

As a result, as the years progressed, the levels of Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Eating Championship participants increased significantly compared to other sports. For the first few of 39 years, if I could eat about 12 hot dogs, I could reach the winning line. However, the number of winning lines has gradually increased since around 1990, and in recent years it has expanded to more than 60, which is about five times the original number. In addition, we recorded 5 consecutive victories in the men's section in 2020 and won 13 times in total.Joey ChestnutThe number of hot dogs that athletes ate in the 2020 Games was 75.

by Jeff

Smoliga quantified the ability to consume and digest large amounts of food under certain conditions as "active consumption rate (ACR)." Predicting this by applying it to a computer model argued that Chestnut's record of 75 could be further extended, “according to the calculation, he received proper training for eating like a chestnut player. If you are a humanTheoretically you should be able to eat up to 84 hot dogs in 10 minutes

In addition, Smoliga said that while athletes outperform the average athlete in achieving 84 records, those who leave this record show digestive dysfunction due to training. Pointed out that there is a high possibility. In order for Chestnut to reach the record of 75 or more, he said that not only would he need to make his stomach larger than he has now, but he would also have to chew and swallow faster to exceed the mechanical limit.

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