What is the right size for the "wallpaper" of the iPhone?– Why I can't hear it now

The image used as the background of the home screen is called "wallpaper" and you can select it as you like. There are various ways to obtain it, you can download it yourself from some website or attach it to the e-mail magazine you subscribe to. There seems to be a fun way to change the wallpaper that uses a calendar for the pattern every month.

The wallpaper can be selected in the "Select wallpaper" screen by opening the screen in "Settings"> "Wallpaper". The image format supports PNG, JPEG, and HEIF, so you can think of it as all the still images that can be displayed in the photo app.

The "just right size" of such a wallpaper is the display resolution of the iPhone, that is, the number of vertical and horizontal pixels. The display resolution of the iPhone differs depending on the model, so if possible, get a wallpaper that has the same number of pixels in the vertical and horizontal directions as the iPhone you are using.

Display resolution is 1334×750 pixels for iPhone 6/6s/7/8, 1920×1080 pixels for iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus/7 Plus/iPhone 8 Plus, 2436 x 1125 pixels for iPhone X/XS/11 Pro, iPhone XR/11 Has 1792 x 828 pixels and iPhone XS Max/11 Pro Max has 2688 x 1242 pixels.

However, it cannot be used unless the vertical and horizontal pixel numbers match exactly. If you select an image that has a smaller number of pixels than the display resolution, you can enlarge the image on the wallpaper setting screen and the display will not have a blank space. Even if you select an image with more pixels than the display resolution, you can move it to fit the screen.

If you really want to match the vertical and horizontal pixel count, use the screenshots taken with your iPhone. Unless the screen display is enlarged ("Settings" -> "Screen display and brightness" -> "Display"), it should match exactly.

  • What exactly is the size of the "wallpaper" on the iPhone?

    What is the right size for "wallpaper"?

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