What is the "rule of complaining" that ruins life?

◆ Become a person whose motivation is not affected by the movements of others
There are people in every company who like sloppy talk. However, they usually cannot work. Because I can't concentrate on the job at hand.

If you can see the company ara, it is proof that you have not concentrated on your work yet. If you view your company as your training ground and focus on your job to increase your contribution, you will have no time to complain.

And it's just too wasteful that my motivation fluctuates or declines depending on the way the company, boss, and colleagues, who are red others, move.

And it's ridiculous to think that your motivation makes you motivated by your incompetent boss.

Regardless of who works or who is incompetent, focus on the work you need to do and gain your skills. It does not mean to be divisive, but to create oneself that is immobile with others, and to create oneself that can control motivation by oneself.

Then, instead of the company, you will see the issues that need to be improved. It does not come with a feeling of frustration, but with the logic of a solution.

◆ If there is a complaint, give an alternative
So you must never say anyone's evil. If you want to say, let's start earning 10 times your salary.

Which is more convincing, the advice of those who are always out of qualifying and those who have led to winning the national competition.

Or, give away your salary. It is self-contradictory to complain while receiving your salary. Of course, constructive proposals need to be done more and more. So if you have a complaint, you should give an alternative.

◆ Overview your growth with the 10-year calendar
One way to get rid of others is to create your own 10-year calendar. Looking back now, how was my ten years ago? How was he five years ago? There must have been various events.

Upset, disgusting, wanting to cry. If you can't remember, try pulling out old photos.

You'll realize that the last ten years have been a snap. And ten years ago, I realized that I was so small and joyful that I was foolish. In the last ten years, you'll have realized that you've grown considerably.

Next, ten years later, I'll draw a rough ideal image of what kind of person I want to be.

What is the job ability, lifestyle, annual income and savings? So, what should be going on in the middle of five years and three years later? In this way, I will look at my present self from myself ten years later.

Then, what my boss did, what my co-workers did, what my subordinates did, what happened to my business partners seemed very short-sighted and trivial.

Looking back later, it's only one frame of continuous time, so take in your strengths and use your weaknesses as a teacher, but all you have to do is be diligent from training.

I think that because I'm a bigger person, there shouldn't be any time for my movements to take control of my thoughts.

There is no way for others to leave people calm and able to work.

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